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Commissions update (+ stickers?)

blodia, ladylegsdarkrai, and kefanii, I sent your sculptures out yesterday! I would have said so sooner but I haven't really been at a computer till now XD

Still to come:
shesatiger - Articuno
yaoi_queen - Pikachu
fleurdetragedie - Drifloon*chain (and Eevee?)

That's it! Sorry for the boring post.

OH WAIT I was actually looking for something, ebay yielded no results but I think I have seen a few of these around the comm.

I remember back in '99 or whatever, out of some sticker vendors you could get these. They have the anime pic of the pokemon, with a holo background on one colour, and say "Gotta Catch em all!" They were cut to the form of the poke instead of just being rectangular.

Apparently these are still around, so' yay! I'm tentatively looking for them in the hopes that they aren't dreadfully expensive. In particular I used to have a Gengar I was quite fond of~

Anyone have any of these to sell/trade?
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