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Gold Flareon Keshimon Offer Post!



I recently came across a grail and in order to finance it, I have decided that I am putting up for offer my perfect condition gold flareon keshimon! The original keshimon holder will be included as well. I've had this keshimon polished with WD-40 so it's more rust proof :)

Considering the extreme rarity of the item, I am starting the offer @ $100. Shipping and tracking will be included!
Please note that this is the keshimon, not the standard metal collection figure. It is also a gold keshimon, which is much rarer than its silver counterpart.

The offer period will last until 4/13/13 11:59PM. Here is the countdown timer: HERE

2013-04-05 21.52.53
2013-04-05 21.53.21
2013-04-05 22.00.56
→ Sales permission granted by
allinia on March 19th, 2013 .
→ I ship from Charlottesville, VA -- smoke free and pet free!
I am ONLY SHIPPING TO THE US (I would like to get some experience before selling global.. sorry globalers :x)
PAYPAL ONLY!!!!! No eChecks please! PLEASE LIST IT AS GOODS. Please try your best to pay immediately! If there's going to be a delay, inform me!
→ Please allow 3-5 business days for the items to be shipped :D I am a student at a pretty difficult University so I may find myself busier than usual >< But I'm diligent and will most likely ship them out within 2 days!
→ I do not accept returns and I am not responsible for lost parcels after I've shipped it.
→ I will hold items! Please try to make it less than 48 hours. Otherwise, the item will go to the next person.
→ Haggling is fine!
→ I may refuse to sell to you if you are known to be an untrustworthy member or for any other reason that makes me skeptical. Please don't be offended! I am merely trying to protect my interests as a seller.
→ Ask for quotes! And you can back out of the sale if the item is more expensive than anticipated! But please do pay if you have expressed interest.
→ Feedback here

Please send all payments to JL2FA@VIRGINIA.EDU and please include your LJ NAME AND ITEMS PURCHASED IN THE NOTE please! Remember to mark it as Goods!

Thanks for looking :D
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