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Collection update

So i've been reciving some packages recently so i thought i'd do an update

here's most of it.  all in one shot

My Horned pokemon collection, and the adobted scizor

the dragon, water mouse, and pika

my small but ever growing porygon collection (soon ill have porygon2 and another metal pory)

My Ho-oh's

my legendaires (regice is soo cool looking)

Smeargle's just hanging around

the rest of the family

last but not least my badges, these are the coolest badges i've ever seen! i love these things. (if anybody has the rest of these badges and would be willing to sell/trade, please let me know, or if you have the whole line (i.e. kanto,jhoto,etc) from the TCG badges im interested in those also.

I want to say thanks to everyone who i've bought stuff from, heerosferret, grrrowly, regen, pheonixxfoxx, kiraras_lemon, and anybody i forgot (sorry)

Also, i was going to update my card display, but i've got one really special card comming soon so ill wait. also comming, my first Zukan!!! sadly it's not the rhyhorn/rhydon or the rhyperior, but it's still a really cool one, can't wait to show you all!

Have a great day! and Thanks for looking!
Tags: collection, ho-oh, muk, nidoking, nidoqueen, porygon, regice, rhydon, rhyhorn, rhyperior
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