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I will come back!

Hey guys! I don't even know if that kind of post is allowed so if it isn't, sorry and feel free to delete it. xD
Just wanted to let you know that I'll be out on a short vacation next week on Brazil's biggest anime-related convention thing. Yay! 8D If anyone's packages arrive meanwhile I won't know so... xD I'll be back on the 20th so I'll let you know if I get anything. And who knows, maybe I'll come back with some nice stuff to show you all. 8D
Also, Paypal was mean to me the other day and messed up with my address on a payment. If I bought from you and my package gets returned, sorry. ^^" I believe I warned everyone already but my memory sucks so... If any of you get one of my packages back, please let me know and I'll pay for the shipping again for you to send it to the right address.
I suppose that's all. I'll try to get myself permission to make a sales post when I come back, but that's uh.. not now. xD
See ya! =D
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