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Collection Update! (1st One I Believe)

Hey how's everyone doing!! I'm posting all the updates to my Poke Collection and this is also my first collection post so it'll be new to everyone anyway. I got some things this weekend and wanted to show everyone!!

These two are of my recent things I bought online and from here! Chou Gets, Kids, Zukans, Pencil Toppers, Tomys...

Recent Jakks toys of Drifloon, Drifblim, and zomg Gallade!!! I was so happy when I found him and Drifblim single packed!!! ^^

AND OMG JAKKS GLAMEOW AND MEDITITE PLUSHIES!!! The same day as the Jakks toys I found these and I haven't seen them since!! I actually got these Jakks additions a couple weeks ago!! ^^; I died though!!! YAYYYYYY!!

I got these this weekend at National Wholesale Liquidators! XDDDD They're a collection of Pokemon Center!! ZOMG I KNOW!! Pins!!! ^^ If anyone wants they have more and I can pick them up for you! They were $4.99. And from the same place's vending machines I got these Cranidos and Palkia tatoos. If anyone wants them, I'll sell them for the price I paid of $1.00. I don't particularly like them... ><

And I got these 2 things today at Newbury Comics!! I DIED AS WELL!! When I saw that Banette box I was like AHHHH as he and Medi are my 2 FAVES. And for $7.99 you got a good deal of 3 ex boosters, 1 pop booster, and a Flygon card!! (Yes I took him out and replaced him with Banette cuz I thought it was a good idea XDDD) And they just got these new D&P Series 2 Digital Watches!! They were blind boxes and I was SO LUCKY to get the one I wanted!!!!!!!!! It has Gallade, Electivire, and Lucario on it whom I LOVE. It also has Dialga and Palkia. The other 3 they make are Pikachu, Piplup, and a Darkrai one that I also want!!

So yeah... there you have it. Hope everyone enjoys!! ^________^ Thanks for reading!
Tags: banette, collection, cranidos, drifblim, drifloon, gallade, glameow, medicham, meditite, palkia
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