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Gin gave me permission to repost this. :)

Hi everyone!

I was slashing prices on my sales post, but I decided to sell fifteen of the plush in a lot for $37.50 including shipping within the US (that's $2.50 a plush...including shipping, Paypal fees, and packaging!). International shipping will be a little more. Here's a photo of the plush in the lot:


TOP RIGHT BULBASAUR IS NOT AVAILABLE. All others are in the lot. Several of these plush, particularly the Johto Hasbro beanies, are pretty darn rare, so this a bargain.

Just ask if you want any better pictures. If you pay today/early tomorrow, all the plush will be shipped tomorrow. You have permission to resell them, as well. :) You may make an offer if you don't like $40 shipped for the lot. I'm a very motivated seller at this point, so all reasonable offers will be considered on anything I'm selling.

I also did some SERIOUS price-cutting on my sales post: http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/1456084.html
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