Bunzy ♥ (aftertheheaven) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Bunzy ♥


Hey dudes 8,,,,DDDDDDD

Still-internetless Sarubunz, writing from school. (For those who don't know (**because I know everyone cares about what I'm doing, omfg**), I moved about 3 weeks ago. I have no internet and it sucks.)

In my abscence I have been missing you all and obsessively buying Shaymin things. XD;

I want to post my collection but I can't because I can't upload pictures WOE maybe I'll do it at Gin's house or something.

Anyway, I basically just wanted to post that I miss you all XD haha.

But so this post has a point, I must share with you all a tragedy that occured during my move. I opened up my box of Pokeymans to find that the little Spoink from my Spoink/Grumpig zukan went missing. I searched all over. I must have dropped him at the old house or something. He is gone and never returning ;-------------; He is one of my favorite Pokemon and that is one of my favorite zukans, which brings me to make a request of you all.

This might be a long shot, but does anyone happen to have a spare Spoink that they would be willing to sell me? I'd love to replace my little baby. Or even if you have the whole zukan and don't want to split it up, I might be able to take it from you. Let me know :D
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