Vulpecula (astralvulpes) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Group Auction: Shaymin Lottery Items WON!

I haven't gotten my invoice from SMJ yet, but I figured I should post about it anyway --

We won the group auction for the Shaymin lottery items. ^_^ I will make another post when I receive the invoice, and ask that you paypal me ASAP so that I may pay SMJ for our items.

The totals are below - (these are with shipping from me to you).

Shaymin Bowl, Skymin Keychain, Skymin Neck Pouch - kiraras_lemon - $45
Shaymin Keychain - castform - $15
Shaymin Neck Pouch - eristell_neko - $14
Skymin Zippered Pouch - taycs - $14

Again, do not pay me now, as this is just a reminder - I will let you know when I need payment. (You've probably got a few days. :D) ^_^
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