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Yay, packages! And my very first photostory :3

Jolteon: Oh cool, a crumpled package from Hong Kong!
Arcanine: I hope whoever's inside isn't hurt D:
Scyther: Gonna need some help opening this.
Weepinbell: ... *staredrool*

Lapras: Easy does it!
Jolteon: That tag's awfully familiar.

Lapras: !!!
Arcanine: Airtight fortress!
Butterfree: I am SO glad I don't need to breathe.
Scyther: Now this problem I can handle >:D

Butterfree: Thanks, mate.
Scyther: You're so soooft n.n
Arcanine: o.O
Scyther: I mean, don't mention it :|
Butterfree: ...the drooling one's kinda freaking me out...
Lapras: Don't mind him :3

And these gorgeous pins came today, too! Thanks so much, Gin!

So, today's spoils:

I love them all so much! <33 Gotta find a good place to put the pins now, mree~
Tags: arcanine, butterfree, chikorita, ho-oh, lapras, scyther, weepinbell
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