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New Pokemon Get!

Over the course of the past week, I've added to my Pokemon collection a bit. Unfortunately, out camera's batteries died, meaning no pictures.  So now, days later, am I FINALLY able to get some pics of my new additions. There isn't any picture story this time, but still! So, without further ado...

Tah-Dah! The newest members of my Pokemon family! Piplup and Turtwig BK toys, Buizel Kid, and Jumbo Psyduck! Okay, to be honest, Psyduck isn't new. He was one of my missing plush. My older brother found him the other day and threw him at me while yelling "PSYYYYY!!" It was quite amusing, actually. He said he found Charizard (another missing Plush)  in the same box, but I looked and couldn't find him.

I Love My Buizel Kid. Here he is:

Buizel Kid: Ya wanna dance, stringbean?

Turtwig BK toy; just got him today:

Piplup BK Toy; got him last week:


Ok, here's the rest of the new additions. The AIpom VS Croagunk card and the little Chimchar note paper were in my package from
 . I love them! The Chimchar card came with my Turtwig toy, and Grotle came with Piplup.

Okay, that's the latest in my collection. I hope to add more stuff soon. In a week, I'll be in Canada, and if I see any Pokemon stuff that I haven't seen here, I'll buy it. Until then, that's it.


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