Stormbringer Cirrus (atateatarin) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Stormbringer Cirrus

You might want to go get some popcorm...

...cos I has long, pictureful post for you!

Ahem! Why hallo thar!


Well, sorta ^-^ I've won it, I just have to ship it from SMJ.

Woo Yay Raichu DX Plush!

So naturally I'm quite pleased :)


I also have a collection update! :D

Over the past few days I've received packages from Sunyshore, trainer_irene, skinst_bomb, warandromance and kefanii!

Firstly, this made me happy -- the little box was sitting on the doorstep this morning on my way out so I had a little Raichu and Raikou to keep me company throughout the boring day! Thanks so much, kefanii!
I actually only realised just recently that despite Raichu and Mew being equally my two favourite Pokemon, I have plenty of Mew and NO RAICHU D: Now I have a Raichu something ^-^

And these were waiting when I got home! (We have a Parcel man and a letter man, and boxes come with the parcel man and packets come with the letter man, so I sometimes get parcels twice a day. It's quite fun :D)
Thank you so much for the sweet little Flareon and Tropius, warandromance!

Zukans! Manaphy came from skinst_bomb, and is quite cute! Thank you!
Sinnoh pixies came from trainer_irene -- and they are quite absolutely awesome :D A really nice zukan -- thank you ^-^ !!!
Chikorita-line and Lucario I pulled myself. Lucario won't stand properly. I think I have put him in wrong.

Adorable Banpresto Grumpy-don! From Sunyshore :) Sankyuuuuu!
Also an Origin Giratina charm that I got for viperfox :) It's shiiiiny.

I acquired all of these Kids around town the last few days. Deoxys and Jirachi are Clears.
I'm happy because when I joined this community, I wasn't even aware of what a Kid was, now I have 28 and more coming :3 Same with Zukan ^-^

My current Kids collection:

Also, I found a random TFG booster for cheap the other day, makred down, and I pulled another Groudon out of it (which makes it my third solid, and fourth total), and a Treecko. I also have doubles of Voltorb, and a Spearow which is detatched from its base.
In addition, I have a Cyndaquil-line zukan in its baggies, and an Entei zukan in its baggies. It's currently a little pricey to ship out of Australia thanks to the dollar (but if I'm allowed to sell, I'm happy to if one doesn't mind the shipping), but if anyone's up for a trade, I have a wantlist mostly done now ^-^ (just gotta load pix)

And just in case anyone was curious, yes, Pokemon is currently my smallest 'focused' collection (in one year's time, that will doubtlessly have changed dramatically XD). So, I took a shot of one corner of my room for an example of scale >:] Biiiiiiiig pic.
I'm moving the random bits on the far right of the pic, above Demyx, to make way for MOAR POKEYMANS. At the moment, it's the only thing I can move, until I find another box to put away the remainder of my Jurassic Park doubles to make more room for Pokemon. (JP is currently my biggest collection and what's visible on the shelves is only a transect of what I have -- two boxes of duplicate figures in my wardrobe from lot-buying. Which I really have to get rid of XD).

And now, one last thing. SCULPTYTURE :]

Teeny Muku

Chu :) Ears went funky, because I inattentively almost burnt them in the oven, and they sagged, so I had to be quick to save XD I burnt my finger in the process though ;-;

Myuu :) Eye was a painting whoops. Since been fixed :) In case you can't tell, I did Shining Mew, and the paint does gleam, since I used a metallic mixed with white to dim it out.

Bad shots, sorry -- the flash ate all the teeny detail so I need to take natural-light pix. And the white glue has since faded to clear, as well. I took these when I had only just finished it.

All three are removeable from the base (though Mew is a little shaky on her stand) and look quite nice on their own, but they were designed for the scene. It took me, total, one night and all of an afternoon-evening from start to finish, so easily one of the fastest I've ever done.

It's impossible to really see in these photos, but there is very fine fur detail on each of them (except for the front-fluff, which is less fine XD). Muku's is far easier to see for some reason. (And yes, I know that technically Mew is supposed to have microscopically-fine hair, but... well... Mew fluff *beseeches*

Wow, sorry about the UBER entry XD
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