baron von kellogs (kefanii) wrote in pkmncollectors,
baron von kellogs

it's that time when you pay for your group auction reserves!

Fantastic news, everyone! The large lottery group auction has not only been won-- the invoice is in! The payment can commence! I'm glad I have people lined up, because the amount I owe is slightly scary.

Most items I've decided to charge 10.50 for (excluding the huge ones obvs), to cover my ass on paypal fees, mostly. I've been nickled and dimed to death lately, I hope everyone understands I did say 'around' 10 and doesn't think 50 extra cents is too much.

Here's a list of who owes what for what. My paypal is kefanii AT hotmail [dot] com. Payment is Friday at the latest. I have other auctions going and I don't need them frozen, thank you very much. XD; This still doesn't include shipping. Shipping will be as exact as possible once I can weigh the item.

sui_kune: $35 for plush Shaymin and Skymin bowl (thanks for your extra help Sui!)
sonicelectronic: $21 for Shaymin little plush and Shaymin keychain
ambertdd: $21 for Giratina keychain and Giratina bowl
rocketdraggin: $21 for Giratina keychain and Giratina bowl
viperfox: $105 for Giratina figure (and here's hoping PP doesn't take more than $5 out of that)
eknock: $10.50 for Dialga bowl
yaoi_queen: $10.50 for Pikachu neck bag
shesatiger: $10.50 for Shaymin little plush

Now, some people are in line for items. Is there someone in line behind you? If there is and you want to back out and give them a chance, that's no problem. However, if there's nobody behind you-- please, unless you can't do anything else, don't back out. This was a very expensive auction and I bid on it with the support of your offers!
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