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Spring Cleaning Sales/Auctions :)


So Its been a while since I posted, and I have been doing some hardcore spring cleaning when I got back from vaca.
So I found a bunch of stuff that I need to get rid off to open up space in my place:

1) Sales permission granted on 05/22/11 by dakajojo.
2) Feedbacks: OLD and NEW
3) I ship from Canada from a dog/cat free ( I have tortoises), smoke free home
Please see the section below for more details.

4) I accept PayPal only
5) I do offer/accept payment plans, feel free to ask
6) I will only hold an item for at most 24 hours
7) Again please read the shipping section in red above, as there were people last time who bid on my auctions, and only start asking and complaining about high shipping cost after the auction is over. So please, read it.
8) for auctions, all community rules apply
9) Auctions will end on Sunday, April 21st, 12pm EST. countdown HERE

Below is a good estimate of what shipping costs would look like:
1) For cards: (cards will be in a hard sleeve protector, and this option is good for as many as 25 cards)(prices starting..)
Canada: $1       US: $1.5        International: $3
2) For Charms:(prices starting..)
Canada: $2.5    US: $3.5        International: $5.5
3) For items thicker than 1cm: (prices starting..)
Bubble mailer:
Canada: $9    US: $7     International: $10.5


Rapidash Zukan: $50

Eevee+Jolteon Keychain: $40
Eevee+Flareon Keychain: $40
Eevee+Vaporeon Keychain: $40

Eevee Suction Cup: $5

Eeveelution mini binder: $30
Shiny Wailord Kid: $40

Straight Sales:

Eeveelution 3D flats: $20 for the lot

Espeon Megablok: $10
Espeon figure: $30
Espeon Johto Charm: $15 SOLD
The lot: $35

Flareon zukan: $30
Jolteon zukan: $30

Flareon Pin: $20
Leafeon, Vaporeon, Flareon 2012 Charm: $5 each
SOLD: vap

Flareon FCS: $4

SOLD: typhlosion, ferali, lugia, squirtle, shedinja, peliper, jirachi, rayquaza, lotad, chansey, spheal, ho-oh, dugtrio, lapras, celebi, pikachu, cubone

SOLD: zapdos, articuno, moltres, pooch, metagross, zard, mudkip
Suction cup figures: $2 each

Seaking zukan: $5
Glalie zukan: $3
Mantine zukan: $10
loose pieces (there is also a whishcash that I forgot to include): $1 each
SOLD: croconaw

Keychains: $2 each
SOLD: articuno, onix/charmeleon, pikachu/raichu

Metal swing Keychains: $1 each
SOLD:electabuzz, ivysaur

Tomy keychains: $3 each (gyarados: $5 each)
SOLD: vulpix, mew

151 stamps: $1 each
SOLD: oddish, gloom, vileplume, seel, dewgong, hitmonchan, pinsir, charmander, poliwag, poliwhirl, poliwrath

Chibi stamps: $1 each
SOLD: mew, beedrill, hitmonchan, victreebell, rapidash G, rapidash P, farfetch'd, golbat P, golbat B, pinsir, starmiw G, starmie B, kabutops,

SOLD: ditto, clear metapod, growlith mouth open, poliwag, magikarp, weepinbell, growlith, caterpiecharmander, staryu, poliwag, charizard, golbat, flying zard, snorlax, moltres, poliwrath, tyranitar, croconaw, mew2

SOLD: scizor, eevee, parasect, flying zpdos, orange arceus, clear arbok, arcanine, clear nidoking, flaming zard, zard, hydro pump blast, clear articuno, moltres, clear omastar, clear poliwhirl, clear zapdos, wartortle, metapod, blastoise, gengar, arm to right charmeleon, slash scyther

SOLD: venonat, paras, zapdos, farfy, green arceus, clear haunter, tongue gengar, growlith, gastly, pinsir, farfy, pinsir, pink arceus, mareep, metapod, bubble wartortle, farfy, tongue gengar, lying squirtle, rayquaza, clear moltres.

SOLD: rain castform, venasaur, gengar, sleeping blast, omanyte, clear onix, clear onix, scyther, clear arceus, dragonite, snow castform, salamence, clear moltres, arm to side charmeleon, clear onix, clear zapdos
FCS: $0.5 each

Larger figures: $1 each
SOLD: sleeping pika, venusaur, pika

Thanks for looking :)
Tags: eevee, flareon, jolteon, ponyta, rapidash, umbreon, vaporeon, wailord
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