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The Return of Psychic's Sales!

All purchases can be combined with anything from my non-Pokémon sales!

The Rules

→ Sales permission grandfathered in
→ New feedback is here
→ I accept Paypal, and will consider trades for items on my Wants List.
→ Prices are negotiable on very large purchases
→ All items are from a smoke-free and pet-free home
→ Some Tomys and flats are loved (most cases will be specified, but feel free to ask)
→ Shipping is from Canada to anywhere. Shipping is unfortunately expensive, but all items will arrive within two weeks.
→ Please include your country/zip code when asking for a quote. Standard packages to the US start at around $8 USD.
→ Asking for a quote is not a commitment, however if you decide you are not interested, please let me know.

As a thanks for your business and to make up for shipping costs, I add a coloured pencil drawing of one or two Pokémon FREE with any purchase. Examples can be found here. I also take commissions.</b>


Tomy figures, some have minor paint rubs or scuffs.
Mewtwo, Articuno, Zapdos, Charizard - $4
Thunderbolting/constipated Pikachu x2, Jolteon (fairly scuffed) - $3
The rest - $2.50 each
SOLD: Vileplume, Weezing, Exeggcute

Ratatta Tomy (fairly scuffed) - $2
Abra, Electabuzz, Cubone - $3
Sugimori artwork Ivysaur Tomy - SOLD

Bulbasaur Tomy set including diorama - $15

Tomy booties - $1 each or free with any purchase of over $8 before shipping
SOLD: Dragonite, Charmander

Eevee poncho gashapon - $10 each (or available to trade for Veporeon or Glaceon)

Pikachu Cafe Re-Ment breakfast set NIP (#6) - $8

Umbreon Pokemon Time strap NIP - $30

Venusaur figure (has pose-able legs, and when you pull out one of his leaves and press down on his flower, his petals spin and the leaf snaps back into place - video) - $12
Eevee Christmas ornament - $17

Poseable Ash figure with removable backpack and Pikachu (Pikachu's forehead is damaged) - $10

Poseable Misty figure with removable backpack and Horsea - $12

3D Pikachu puzzle (NIP aside from the box being opened) - $8

Red Genesext zukan NIP - $8

RARE Red Genesect zukan from Pokemon Fan Magazine NIP - $12

Phone straps - most are still new in capsule with insert, let me know if you want them shipped in the capsule or not (will affect shipping costs)
Manaphy with Pokeball - $5
Riolu, Pikachu x2, Turtwig - $4
Lugia x1, Celebi x2 - $6 (image)
Deoxys x3 - $5 (image)
Lickylicky x2 - $3
Axew with Ultraball - $5
SOLD: Rayquaza, Palkia

Fennekin phone strap with insert - $4

Small (bootleg?) keychains - $1 each
SOLD: Dragonite

Battle Museum Figures NIP - $4 each
All figures are sealed NIP, and come with the insert shown at the top and the stickers for their base. May be shipped in letter envelopes if desired.
SOLD: Butterfree, Mareep, Wooper, Steelix, Scizor

Electabuzz and Aerodactyl kids - $3 each
Charizard kid - $4
Chikorita European candy figure - $4

Mewtwo candy figures x2 - $3
Misdreavus Jakks - $5
Chimchar TFG - $4 (doesn't spin properly)

BW McDonalds toys - $3 each
Lugia McDonalds toy - $2

Fast food toys
Darkrai and Palkia card boxes - $2 each
Manaphy card box WITH reverse holo Manaphy - $3 (they actually came together, VERY lucky pull)
Reverse holo Happiny/Monferno, French holo Audino - $1 each
NIP Pikachu card stand with card - $3
Dugtrio GameBoy toy - $1.50 (the image changes if you push the control pad, won’t work without a cartridge)
Dugtrio “battery” pack - $1 ($2 for the Dugtrio GameBoy and battery together)
Dewgong "cartridge" - $1 (or get all three for $3)


Gligar Banpresto mascot (all tags) - $8
Purrloin Banpresto (all tags) - $14
Blitzle MPC (all tags) - $14
Sandile Jakks (all tags) - $6

Tiger talking Pikachu keychain (with tush tag) when you squeeze its tummy it cries "Pikachu!" or uses Thundershock - $5
Unknown medium Pikachu plush (no tag) - $3
Large Hasbro Pikachu plush (loved, no hand tag, eye whites are painted on) - $5

Old Hasbro plush (no hand tags) - $4 each

Munna reverse-to-Pokeball plush - $5

Ash and Pikachu pillow - $8


Umbreon keychain NIP - $15

Flat Pikachu coin holder from the Pokemon Center (with tag) - $8

Pokemon with you Snivy pin NIP - $6

Vintage card dispenser (holds about 60 cards) - $5

Pokemon 2000 promotional VHS Lugia coin - $4

Stickers and Flats

Rotom forms sticker sheet - $1.25
NIP Sinnoh Pokemon sticker sheet (x3, 2 sheets per package) - $2.50

NIP (fuzzy?) Pikachu stickers (plastic is torn off on the upper right hand corner) - $1.25

NIP temporary tattoos - $ 2each

Old-school stickers, some are missing Pokémon, imperfect condition
Poison - $.75
Grass - $1
Fire (x2) - $1
Water 1 - $1
Water 2 - $1
Normal 1 (x2) - $1
Normal 2 - $.75
Ghost/Poison/Psychic – $1.25 x2 (both missing Mewtwo, but one is replaced by a Spiderman sticker)
Rock/Ground/Water/Ice – $1.50 (x2)
Electric/Dragon/Fighting – $1.50 (x2) (the second one is missing Pikachu but seems rarer because Voltob/Electrode are in alternate poses)

First pic = front, second pic = back
"Catch Mew" card - $1 each
Pikachu/Raticate sticker sheet- $2.50 (sealed, comes with two sheets) or buy just one sheet instead for $1.50
Meowth/Charmander sticker sheet - $2.50 (sealed, comes with two sheets) or buy just one sheet instead for $1.50
SOLD: Ancient Mew, About Ancient Mew

Pokeball stickers - $1
Mantyke sticker - SOLD
Misdreavus sticker - $1
Shieldon sticker - $1
Water Pokemon sticker sheet - $2
Shiny Ash sticker - $2
Spearow sticker - SOLD

Dratini - $3
Dragonair - $3
Dragonite - $3 (or get all three for $8)
Growlithe - $2.50
Zapdos Burger King card - $1
Typholosion, Feraligatr and Haunter cardboard cutouts from old Kraft Dinner boxes - $.75 for all (will be more carefully cut before being sent)
Old Tomy figure list - $.50

Double-sided old Hasbro Pokemon list - $.50

Topps from the Pikachu shorts from Mewtwo Strikes Back/Pokémon 2000 - $2 each (or the five from the first movie for $9 or all six for $10)

Large Sinnoh poster (has creases) - $13 shipped anywhere

Greeting Cards

Each comes with its own envelope, so I can mail the card in that and shipping will be really cheap, or I can try mailing them in an even bigger envelope so you can use/keep the original envelope. This may affect shipping, so let me know!

Halloween card featuring Ash and Pikachu on the front and little ghosts and bats on the inside! - $4

Valentine’s Day card featuring a really, really happy Pikachu - $4


Rare cards - $4 each
Kyurem EX, Yveltal EX: $7
Sold: Raikou, Walrein

Uncommon cards - $2 each, $2.50 for reserve holo Growlithe

NIP Toys R Us exclusives (in English and French) - $2.50 each

More cards coming soon! If you’re looking for any cards from gens 1-3, let me know and I’ll tell you what I’ve got!

Thanks for looking! :3

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