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Large Sales Post!

Saleeeeeesssssss post. Everything MUST go! That which doesn't sell by next week will go on eBay in a big lot! So take advantage of the sales post before it's too late!

Policies: Paypal only. I will ship worldwide. Prices do not include shipping. No holding of items, please! And finally, I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

Oh, and I take trades too! Check here and here for a list of what I'm after :)
EDIT: I am now a LOT less likely to accept trades, unless it's something vital like art supplies. But you can offer anyway, worst that will happen is I say no.

For non-Pokémon related goods, see my personal LJ sales post:


Bulbasaur/Ivysaur lot. $5 for both items or $3 each individually.

Charmander/Meleon/Izard lot. $3.50 for the Charmeleon keyring, $2 for the mini Charmander, and $3 for the Tic Tac Toe keychain.
SOLD: Charizard Keyring, Golden Pokéball

Squirtle/Wartortle/Blastoise lot. $10 for all 5, or $2 for the Squirtle keychain, $3 for the Blastoise keychain, $3 for the rollerball Squirtle, $2 for the mini Squirtle figure, and $3 for the Tic Tac Toe Squirtle keychain.

Jigglypuff lot. Puzzle: $2.
SOLD: Golden Pokéball

Pikachu lot. $11 for everything, or $3 for the Candy Catcher, $2 for the PVC Pika on the left, $2 for the minifigure, $3 for the Tic Tac Toe keychain, $3 for the Pokéball keychain, and $2 for the squinting keychain.

Poliwhirl lot. $5 for everything, or $3 for the rollerball figure, $3 for the keychain, and $2 for the mini figure.

Psyduck lot. $3 for the candy catcher, $3 for the rollerball figure.
SOLD: Keychain

Togepi lot. $3.50 for both, or $3 for the Golden Pokéball/Card, and $2 for the keychain.

Mew Keychain (perfect shape, but doesn't light up): $5
Meowth Keychain: $3
Snorlax Keychain: $3
Mini Oddish: $2
Pidgeotto Rollerball figure: $3

Charizard plushie: $6

Small Pikachu plushie on left (head is a velcroed pouch): $3
GIANT Chu in middle (I can destuff it for cheaper shipping, just ask!): $5
Soft Pikachu on right: $4

Dice games!! Yes, I have dice games in stock once more. :D These are super uber rare and there are four different dice of each featured Pokémon, making it a maddening hunt for myself and other collectors! So if you bought a dice game from me earlier, these ones can still contain different dice you don't have. :o
Each dice set is $6.

SOLD: Lickitung, Meowth, Squirtle, Moltres,

Metal Lucario TCG tin, never used except to remove the boosters it came with originally. :) $5

3-ringed binder, ideal for card sleeves or school. $3

Pokédex books! These are very very cute round books about different types of Pokémon, that includes strategy info and recaps of episodes featuring Pokémon of various types (1st-3rd gen only). $3 each.
SOLD: Electrics book, Water book

The original official Pokémon handbook, covers all 150 of the original Pokés, plus attacks. $2

Pokémon How to Draw book, $2

Sticker book... is almost completely filled. (Stickers are not removable) $2.50

Round stickers: $1 each
Venonat Puzzle: $2
Cardboard stand-ups: 50 cents each

Mousepad, $2

Electronic Pokéball game... no idea if it works or not, might need new batteries. $3

Omantye battle museum figure - $2.50

Mini Playsets (come with all original accessories EXCEPT Pokémon). May be a creative way to show off things like Zukan figures or custom mini sculptures :) $3 each.

Talking Charmander door guard thing (works and has batteries)- $5

Artbox Stickers! These are square American stickers. :D $1 each.

Sold: Abra

Action Flipz cards. They're holographic, and show the Pokémon and it's evolutions when you tilt it! $2 each.

Sold: Abra

Lamincards! These are brand new from the booster pack and are clear cards with pictures of the original 151 Pokémon on them, plus info in foreign languages! These are $3 each. If you only order Lamincards, shipping can be as cheap as $1 if you don't mind them being in a plain paper envelope :)

Sold: Persian, Vileplume

Amada Stickers! These are rare collectable stickers from Japan! $2 each. I can ship these in a plain paper envelope for only $1.

Misc cards and a sticker!
Absol sticker: 50 cents
Mewtwo card: $1
Rev. Holo Promo Entei: $1
Everything else: 25 cents each.

25 cents each.

Instant Growlithe card collection! :) If you'll notice, all these are from different releases, even though the art on some is the same. $3 for all.

Random cards! $1 each.

Dice game attacks info: These go with the dice games... they're supplemental attacks for the dice. Or if you're like me and have no clue how to play, they're just cool things to display in a collection. :D
Each dice tab is 25 cents.

Swampert figure (moves mouth and limbs) - $5

Passable Bootleg Zigzagoon, $1

When ordering, PLEASE tell me what country you live in. And when you send the paypal, you MUST include a list of everything you're buying! Else how will I know what you ordered? :P
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