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Totally Shaymin Sunyshore Update

Before I waffle like the Pokemon Fanclub President can I just say that I have shipped all that needs to be shipped (I'm sorry for the delay- I was away over the weekend and was unable to ship).

Now onto my Sunyshore package (no photostories unfortunately- my boyfriend decided  that he would open it!):

I bought the candy for the packaging only- it was smaller than expected but I was enthralled by the pyramid shape (also by how I couldn't open it!) The candy was hard at first but nice & tangy, and all the sweets that came in the boxes with plush was surprisingly nice for once (maybe the last few times the candy was stale?)
I love the Friends plush and am very happy that I finally managed to snag one! 
The spinny keychain is nice but difficult to spin with the chain (like I'm gonna be spinning it much?!) And the Shaymin Tomy is a nice addition.

Shaymin: "Hey big boi, your place or mine???"
Skymin: "Oh yeah...." ;3

Epic poster vs not so epic poster
Came from the Scoop magazine

Magazine & adverts (Japanese adverts are cool, and I like the Baby album with Pokemon)

One of my favourite pages- please excuse the blur.

Only one small complaint: the package got squashed in transit! All of the mint boxes I was planning to keep are a bit squashed- luckily none of the toys were ruined in any way. Could bubble wrap be used please for next time? But thank you anyway for the items- they are very nice and I am very pleased otherwise.

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