Toz (happyjolteon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection Update...with a twist.

While in Japan, someone picked up a few new collection items! But it wasn't me - it was Gin/heerosferret, so I'm posting them on her behalf. Let's see what she got!

A brand new Luxray (in a brand new pose!) from the DP Amada series 7, and a new Luxio 3D Amara card  (not a sticker). I actually pulled both of these in packs I bought myself. /flex

Cuuute new Raichu cards, from the latest set that just came out! Raichu's first level X card is very fancy and powerful-looking (although I haven't actually read the card text, but look at the picture!)

And the new Kids set finally arrived in town, adding Rotom and Magnezone's Kids figures to Gin's overall electric collection. Know what this means? Gin now one has a kid for EVERY electric Pokemon! One segment of the collection is completed at last.

Along with these new items, she also has a bunch of new items (Shaymin, anyone?) to put on Sunyshore, so expect an update on Saturday! I will have some items for sale soon too, but I'm not sure if that'll be before or after I get back. ^_^
Tags: collection, luxio, luxray, magnezone, raichu, rotom
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