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~ Summer of Grail ~

Joining the Summer of Grail with a picture story from this morning, when my own grail arrived in the mail. >w<

Bulbasaur: Oh hey, a package. We didn't order anything from Japan...
Big Bulba: ....geishasaur? :]

Bulbasaur: Hey Gramps, I think it's for you
GetOffMyLawn Cacnea: >:[ Don't call me that!!

GOML: >:\ Hey!! State your business!! Open up in there!!

?? Cacnea: OOF
Bulbasaur: Oooo...
Big Bulba: ... not a geishasaur :[

?? Cacnea: Heyyyy duuuudes! That trip was gnarly, maaaan! What's UP, my little hombres?
GOML: ...
Bulbasaur: ...
Big Bulba: ... :] 90'snea ..

?? Cacnea: VICTORY, man! Come on, we gotta DANCE!
GOML: *shakes fist at heaven*

Alright, I cannot express how awesome this thing is. He's like a little football. He's so densely stuffed... I'm really surprised at how quickly and cheaply I was able to get him, too, I seem to have really good luck. ._.;; The amount of detail on this little guy is just crazy -- those of you who collect more ornate Pokemon probably have already experienced this, but Bulbasaur is pretty plain, so this Cacnea plush is really surprising for me. In any case, he's adorable. I love how poky his little spines are.

ALSO, I am looking for a rad new totally '90s name for '90snea. Suggestions? Y/Y?</center>

I was going to package this with a collection update, but I have sooo much stuff coming to me in the mail, I think I'm going to hold off another week or so to do that here. I have, however, updated my collection page, so if you actually care you can look at that, lol.

Btdubs, my sales post is still full of stuff. I think that anything I don't sell off by a week after my next collection update is going in a big lot on eBay, so if anyone wants anything, PLEASE check it out. It's make an offer, so. :\ You are picking your own price, it's not like it would be overpriced.
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