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did someone say SHEEPS? :O

I normally don't post when a package comes in, but when four - FOUR! - packages come in on the same day, I think they're pretty much TELLING me to post! Plus lots of new sheepies...

I got stuff from denkimouse, happyjolteon, regen and lineaalba today! 8D

okay, so the super-important stuff first! Updates to my main collections!

SHEEPS! I always seem to get sheepies in... rains of sheeps :D The Mareep bound ball came from denkimouse, and everything else here came from happyjolteon! Clearphy is so cool, I never even knew he existed ♥ The card might be a bit hard to see but it has a massive FLOCK of reeeeeeeeeps on it ♥♥♥ Actionphy and Keshamphy I have already, but, uh, I'm trying to build an Armphy >_>. XD Plus it's nice to have the MIP Keshamphy for my collection. and I ♥ pans and I ♥ sheepies so SHEEPS PANS = ♥2 8D

PENGUINSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. New Friends plush from denkimouse and the others were from happyjolteon. Inflatableplup is awesome (I stuck him next to one of my inflatable Pokéballs for company) b-b-but PIPLUP PENCIL TIN <333333333333333333333333333 I NEVER EVEN KNEW IT EXISTED. TOZ IS THE MOST AMAZING PERSON EVER. it satisfies BOTH my stationery AND penguin obsessions AT THE SAME TIME AND NOW I'M AFRAID TO USE IT IN CASE IT GETS HURT ;_; but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU TOZ FOR THE AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING ~MYSTERY GIFT~

here is ~MYSTERY GIFT~ holding the magnets I got from Sunyshore and regen, and a cool Rayquaza watch from lineaalba! I am still after a Pokémon watch I am happy to wear, I have 5 now but the others are too bulky/not water-resistant and I am unsure about wearing one that is fluorescent pink and lime green XD

miscellaneous stuff :D More keshipoke MIP (happyjolteon bid on a lot including the Amphy for me), I'm keeping Chansey and Oddish but the others will probably be up for sale later. Pretty Vileplume pin and Togepi figure from Sunyshore/Gin, Pikachu/Ditto (you can't see Ditto underneath in the pic XD) pencil topper from Toz and Latios, Meganium and Dugtrio pencil toppers from regen. The Pokémon Center pin and Plusle bell keychain are also from regen, I already have the Minun one so now it has a friend! :D

This stuff is all from regen. Phanpy is kind of a pseudo-collection, like Shroomish, it's a "I'm not officially collecting it because I already collect too many Pokémon and spend WAY TOO MUCH MONEY OMG but I will take it if given the opportunity 8D". Electrode is just too cute ._.

Hi, my name is tortoises and I have a stationery obsession. Here you see awesome clearfiles from Sunyshore and lineaalba, awesome pencilboards also from Sunyshore (yes, I bought two. >_>) that have DRIFLOON AND COMBEE AND PIPLUP ALL ON THEM, the Shaymin facewasher I won Gin's auction for (kind of tempted to actually use it as a facewasher :O) and regen's adorable card.

And more miscellaneous stickers and cards! All from regen and happyjolteon, including a bunch of freebies - thanks so much, guys! I have developed this thing for pan stickers, one of the Togepis and a Shuckle are already residing happily on my DS (except my DS shell is clear blue, I need to get a clear clear one >_>). omfg so much CUTE.

so I'm still waiting on a few packages before I update my plush collection photo :3 if anyone would like to leave me feedback you may do so here, and comment me your link if you'd like some back! :D

Also, don't forget I have zukan for auction/sale here, including all three Johto starters! :D
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