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big ol' post of sellin' and auctions

My previous (3!)group auctions (too lazy to link them, check the group auctions tag :p) are all here, annnnd I have things to sell, so selling/auction post here we go. This is not for my latest group auction, which won't be in for another week or two, sorry. :p

Here is who I need shipping info from to calculate prices, or if I already know where you're at, here's what you owe:

regen: $2.50 for the 4 charms
enshogirl: Location please so I can calculate shipping for the Combee, Chimchar, Chingling glass~
encas: Location so I can get you your Phione glass, plz. :3
mamoswine: Making sure you're US, then I'll go weigh you package. :p You're in chat so you know all this.
emurii: $1.50 for Bulba friend
shrines: Location so I can figure out shipping Hoppip and Squirtle! Do you mind an envelope for shipping?
pacificpikachu: Locationplzkthx. Also, Dratini is lookin' great, so no worries about condition! Will ship in a box, since he is very solid.
tortoises: Is an envelope good for shipping these? They're quite compact in Pokeball form, plus you can pay less. :p

Please include your LJ name and what you're paying for in your Paypal message!!

In other news, I got about 20 amazingly adorable postcards, so those are what most of the selling is about. (Plus some other stuff that is priced to sell sell sell).

These are the ones I'm keeping. Note the top left Shrew's INCREDIBLE AWESOMENESS. Coffee, doughnuts, and TV in every Shrew den, they're just that good.

Right, now these are for sale! Each postcard is in gorgeous mint condition and $2 dollars. Shipping will be $1.25 for up to 6 cards, then $2 for anymore than that.

By row, left to right:
Charmander and Squirtle, Charmander ember
Happy New Year with Onix, Team Rocket featuring James, Team Rocket featuring Jessie (and whip!), Kangaskhan knitting with Meowth, Machop, and Pikachu

Vulpix-Squirtle-Bulba-Pika-Psy Christmas, Pikachu christmas, Rocket Dan, Jiggly and charmander
Sleepy Psy-Pika-Bulba-Marril-Bellossom, Ivy-Raticate-Poke-Togepi, Pidgeot-Onix-Mew-Charizard, Jiggly-Ledyba-Vileplum-Butterfree-Meowth
Lugia movie, Zapdos, Articuno, Charmander birthday
Moltres, Pikachu house, Dragonair

Unsold group auction items:
$7 per glass (they're plastic btw :p) because nooobody loves them
(also has Infernape)

Piplup and Pikachu normal and clear charms: $4 for normal, $5 for clear:

And old leftover items, priced to sell! Buy three items and I'll toss in one that's $1 or less for free.

SOLD: Treecko, Nido, Pika kid, Torchic, Happiny, Cherubi, Cacnea, Dragonair keychain, Movie 8 Puzzle

- Will ship internationally
- Will hold for 3 days, then we'll discuss again
- Accept Paypal and Money orders (postal MOs preferred)
- Paypal fee included in shipping price
- Withold right to deny a sale to anyone for previous bad experiences

Please include your LJ name and what you're paying for in your Paypal message!!
Tags: group auction, sales
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