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Sales Post!

Rounded up a few of my own things to sell and some cards after a friend's younger sister handed me a big stack of them last night.

Sales policies and other info under the cut.

- I accept paypal (via my friend ageispolis), money orders, and concealed cash (at your own risk)
- I will accept fair trades. I am interested in/collect: houndoom/houndour, poochyena/mightyena, mewtwo, slowking, unown, suicune, celebi, ninetales/vulpix, smeargle, arcanine/growlithe, the charizard line, the abra line, team rocket, manectric/electrike, lugia, the luxray line, darkrai, entei, lucario/riolu, mukrow/honchkrow, eevee and it's evolutions (particularly espeon, umbreon, and leafeon), Mudkip/typhlosion (for my roommate), and professor oak (for a friend.)
- I am not accepting art at the time unless it is some sort of tangible craft/custom object.
- I have a feedback post, located here: http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/30997.html?thread=22707221#t22707221
- If purchasing, please comment with what you want, zip code (for shipping purposes), and your method of payment.

On to the sales!


Poliwhirl and Togepi turn-to-pokeball plush: 3$ each
Poliwhirl hasbro plush (no hang tag): 4$
Snorlax hasbro plush (no hang tag): 4$
Squirtle treat keepers plush: 3$
Play by Play Charmander: 3$


2008 Manaphy deck holder (Burger King): 2$
Vilplume keychain (small nick in the paint on one foot): 2$
Burger king charmander card (still lights up): 2$
Butterfree skateboard: 3$
Hoothoot top: 2$
PVC figures (Horsea, metapod, chanseyx2): 1.50 each
Erasers (Blastoise, gengar): 1$ each
Plusle and Minun bobbleheads: 3$ each, or take both for 5$.
Poliwhirl keychain: 1.25$
Snorlax Figure (originally came with a sucker inside, has a few small paint rubs): 1.50


Action flips (snorlax, vileplume line): 1.00 each
Beedrill pog thing: .50
Tauros metal coin: 1$
I'm not sure what to call the square, puzzle piece-esque things on the right. They are written in spanish, mae of thin plastic, and came out of bags of Frito Lay chips a few years ago. (Psyduck, diglett, pidgeotto, hypno, ponyta, bulbasaur): .75 each
Tazos [like action flipz. They came out of frito lay chips several years ago and are written in spanish. Geodude line, hitmonchan, bulbasaur line, Pidgey line, Cubone/marowak, meowth/persian, charmander line (off-center, my mom works at Frito Lay and told me back when she gave them to me that the ones that look like this were tests), psyduck/golduck x2 (off-center), onix x2, abra line, snorlax, machop line, mankey/primape, dratini line, pikachu/raichu (off-center), zubat/golbat, Misty, caterpie line, exeggutor line, poliwag line]: .50 each
cardboard pogs (snorlax, sunflora, heracross, pikachu x2, mr. mime, metapod, dragonair, scyther, gyrados, horsea, weedle, venonat, butterfree, caterpie, seadra, dratini): .25 each.


Jungle Jolteon x2, Jungle Mr. Mime, Dark Dugtrio, Unseen Forces Stantler, Base 2 Wigglytuff, Base hitmonchan, Jungle Pidgeot, Neo Destiny Dark Donphan, Team Aqua's Crawdaunt, Kingler: 2.00 each for base and jungle set cards, everything else 2.50 each.

1.25 each.

Reverse holos: 1.00 each
Everything else: .75 each


Reverse holo helix fossil: .75
Everything else: .50 each.

Thanks for looking!

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