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I got Grovyle! :3

After so long, I've been waiting for luck to turn my way, and it finally has! 
Today Grovyle came in the mail. :D

I had got him a week or so ago, but he arrived today.

The scary part? With half a day to go until the auction, I asked my mother if I could get it, but she told me she doesn't use Paypal anymore, and that they only accept Paypal. I was sunk; I had to act. Luckily my best friend Goombella has an ebay/paypal account, and he got it to me. I sent him the money order afterwards. So that was a big save.

It's not what I would call a "grail" item, but it's fairly close. This is definately something that I've been long hunting for weeks. And I love it very much so now that I have him.  <3

My love of this guy definately blossomed because of Pokemon Dungeon 2. I had been scouring ebay for a long time but he just never turned up. But now he has!

Time will tell if the $28.93 I spent was more than enough... but right now I'm just happy for this. ^^

Grovy in his coolness.

Relaxing on my as-of-yet unopened pillow.

If you don't know what this scene is supposed to be, that's ok, because it's still cute.

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