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Wild **SHINX** has appeared!


My YY Shiny Shinx came today. She is the most professional looking YY plush I've ever seen, or owned. Seriously. It's like you could have bought it from the Pokemon Centre or snagged it from a UFO machine! It is amazing; the fact that I don't even collect Shinx should be proof that I'm not biased since it's not my favourite pokemon. XD I have plenty of other plush by her, but the Shinx totally out does anything else.

Placed on my keyboard for size comparrison. A few more under the cut!


Shinx: "Are you my mommy?"
Umbreon: "..."


Shinx: "You must be my mommy! G'night!"
Umbreon: "...Okay, whatever."


My family of YY plush; I used to have several others, but I've kept my favourites. I had a Chibi pair of Espeon and Umbreon that were done exceptionally nicely, but they were a bit small for my liking.

As a note, she may have a normal Shinx in the sleeping pose (like this one just not shiny colours), for sale, but I am not sure yet. This just a possibility feeler to see if anyone would want it. ^^;
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