Sara (_nofuturenohope) wrote in pkmncollectors,

collection update # 2895933

Ok im looking for the pokemon Stadium 2 game, i have asked before and was really close!! But something happened. If anyone can get me one or be on the lookout for one for me that would be awesome!! 
Does the gameboy connector pack thing (that you put on the controller) from PokeS 1 work for PokeS 2?  

Also i bought a jakks Drifloon toy, that sits on a stand (see pic) and i lost the peg for it, so if anyone has one to give/sell me that would be awesome!!

I decided to update now, because when i get my other packages (about 8 i think!) it would be a large post!
So heres part 1:

I apologize if these are super big, but i resized them and Photobucket was being stupid.

From Pheonixxfoxx, She always draws the cutest stuff!!

Cute human kids, (i missed the Jesse and James ones :(  ),  really pretty keychain, the gastly is also clear if you cant tell, and that pokeball is awesome because it doesn't roll off stuff.

jakks toys from Wal-mart. Poor drifloon is missing his peg...

I finally got to go to this store called Anime Palace near my house.  They are open like 11-6 and 12-4 and the majority of the time they are at conventions and closed. But i finally went, and they were open!!! The store is pretty small but i found some goodies!!!

Really cute mewtwo and lucario bobbleheads!!

:wobble wobble:  Lucario could wobble for hours, mewtwo wobbles for like a second lol

Cute minun on a string!!! (lol i dont know the proper term for this)

Really awesome large piplup!! They also had Prinplup, and Empoleon. Im waiting for the Empoleon from ebay but i might snatch up the prinplup when i have money.  He was a bit pricey.

WOO HOO!! I think everyone gets excited for sunyshore packages!
I got a chatot magnet too, but forgot to take a pic.

Skymin said he is king of all pokemon, not Arceus

Why does Shaymin always look scared?!?!

Im in such a dilema over this candy. I don't really like candy, but i really want to try these. Should I?

If this was bigger i would wear it everyday!!

Lovely items from happyjolteon!! I love how she has a business card lol

I also recieved these cuties from Kefanii!! 
Now i need to get doubles so i can paint shinies!!

And something completely unrelated to pokemon

I bought this poster on Ebay.
10 extra cool points if you read this book/comic.

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