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12 hours of work produces...

Yes, yes, I know the eyes look bad - I may redo one, but I'm too tired to at the moment.

I'm mostly pleased with how it came out, considering I am nowhere near a plushie artist at all, nor have I ever successfully made one. XD;

After playing 'My Pokemon Ranch,' a good many times, and being the Umbreon lover that I am, I found myself wanting an Umbreon sprite from the game in plush form. Here is my rendition! More details are under the cut, including a size comparrison so you can see just how big it is!


Please be kind!! ^^;


Espeon friends up top, Skymin pokedoll standing. It's about 14-16" tall to the tips of the ears.

Parts of it were hand sewn (most of the details), and parts were machine sewn. I made the pattern all from scratch, though I did a lot of hand-sewn touch-ups to make it look better; the ears and tail were all machine sewn in, but I hand sewed around them to make them stand up like that. Making the little peg-legs was the hardest - I actually threw some additional hand stitche in the bottom to make it appear more as if it is standing on it's legs.

The plush is a bit on the heavier side - I put craft beans (not the sort you eat, but akin to what beanie babies have in 'em), in the feet and bottom so it wouldn't fall over once the head went on - Umbreon's got a pretty nice weight!

The only part I am not satisfied with completely is the eyes - one looks better than the other, and I'll probably redo the one I don't like. I'm considering putting in a highlight on the pupils, at least.

I may try making some other pokemon in this style, if I don't get lazy. (Leafeon and Shinx are at the top of my agenda. I'd like Raikou, but I'm not that much of a masochist...yet.)

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