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Last-Minute Invader!

With my current move-in process and increasing hours at work, I've had less time around the community, but things should start settling in a day or two, because we're finally moving into our new apartment. Tons of items have also arrived prior, but no new collections posts until we've sorted things out.

However! I did have the most extraordinary visitor late last week and I thought I should tell you guys all about it!

I came home sometime in the afternoon this last Thursday after work when I was told that there were some unusual noises coming from our backyard. With exception to birds and a few stray cats, our backyard isn't too particularly popular with the animals, so I swung around back to take a looksee.

And this was the first thing I saw!

After a moment of pure shock, I promptly attempted to catch the creature, but it was unusually quick! Apparently it was still hanging around though, because I picked up a sweet fragrance in the air and spotted our visitor by one of our flowerbeds.

He apparently really enjoyed his flowers.

Again, I attempted to catch him, but as like last time, he simply leaped clear and vanished among our plants. By this time I was getting rather frustrated, but then recalled I had a small seed of sorts just for this very occasion. I rushed into the house to grab it and promptly planted it in the soil with a bit of water.

The flower sprouted, bloomed, and began to issue a most pleasant fragrance.

I quickly hid and our visitor finally came out of hiding only a few minutes later.
Capture complete!

It's Croagunk! It took just a little bit of coaxing for him to inform me that he had been separated from his platoon, but that if it wasn't too much to ask, he'd love to take residence with me for the time being. What a gentleman!

Croagunk: Guruguruguruguru! [Translation: Evil Laughter]
Little do we know he has other plans! >:D

On a more realistic note, our Croagunk here is gorgeous DX Plush with our lovely Psyduck Kid via regen to sport as our size comparison. I've actually been debating collecting him for quite a while and decided to try out how he'd grow on me by buying him for a bargain price off of eBay. Needless to say, I adore him. I'm still a bit iffy as to whether I really should add him to my main collections (and whether if to include Toxicroak, his evolution, as well), but the odds are leaning in his favor.

To tell you the truth though, the real reason as to why I started loving on the Croagunk is because he's highly similar in appearance to one of my favorite minor anime characters, Tessai, lover right-hand man to one of my favorite anime characters, Ukyo (the character featured behind in the image provided), of Samurai 7. I know, I'm lame!

See the resemblance? ♥

NOTICE: I was very belated in getting back to everyone, but I think I've finished up getting back to everyone I've purchased from and leaving feedback for our transactions, as well as sending my new address to those who were kindly waiting to send packages my way. However, in the case that I overlooked you, please let me know!

Icon Commissions: I greatly apologize! These have greatly been postponed and I apologize immensely for that. All icons already arranged for will be done next week, but in the case you would like a refund for your pre-paid icon, I'll be more than happy to issue your money back in full, regardless of how much progress has already been made on your icon (with exception to completed ones).
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