Lissie (mamoswine) wrote in pkmncollectors,


I am so happy! I have finally received something I have wanted for a while!

Yes! The Mamoswine chou get! I've been longing for it since I decided to start collecting Mamoswine and he's finally mine! <3 I was afraid I had bought a set of bootlegs because the seller was from Hong Kong and a (positive) feedback for them on ebay had said along the lines of "weird molds, and a chemical smell but satisfied". After inspecting him however and comparing him to another chou get of mine, he seems to be authentic. :D

Here are the rest and they are up for grabs! They are currently for hold only because I can't ship right away, but they would be $4+2 shipping. (paypal only please) Dialga, Shellos and *maybe* Shinx are on hold currently (if you're interested in Shinx, just say so and I'll put you in line).

He is at home. :D
Tags: collection, figures, mamoswine
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