Vulpecula (astralvulpes) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Group Buy: Lottery Items - please pay now!

Sorry for the many updates today - last one, I promise. ^^; If my Sunyshore comes today, I'll just post about it tomorrow!

I got the SMJ invoice for the lottery items, so please paypal me at: the.linea.alba(at) ASAP - please put what it is you bought/your LJ name in the memo so I can keep track of everything.

Here's the list again of who owes me what. ^_^ Once you've paid, I'll cross you off the list.

Shaymin Bowl, Skymin Keychain, Skymin Neck Pouch - kiraras_lemon - $45 - PAID!
Shaymin Keychain - castform - $15 - PAID!
Shaymin Neck Pouch - eristell_neko - $14
Skymin Zippered Pouch - taycs - $14 - PAID!

Also, internal shipping raped me a bit with this one - c_x; If anyone would like to donate an extra dollar or two, anything would be appreciated but you don't have to. ^_^;
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