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Sunyshore and Plushie Feets!

Yay I got my Sunyshore package today! :D What was inside? :O Clicky the cut! :D Also I have an assignment for you all, photograph your cutest plushie feets! I have some of mine under the cut as well. :D

Yay! :D I love them both. I can't believe I didn't get this Snorlax sooner! I had no idea how awesome he was. I'M SORRY AWESOME SHINY SNORLAX. ;O;

I am happy my Shaymin has a nice nose. :D I have seen some that looked odd. xD

From the side! SO ADORABLE OMG. ;O; Candy was yummy too! :D

Sheimi is soooo small! :O Like half the size of all my other Friends plushies. She fits perfectly in the palm of my hand. <333

Gin drew me a cool Snorlax. :D :D :D Thank you!!!

I fixed these guys up today! They are like new again! :D

And here's a little booty I found while cleaning. It squeeeks! :D

Kibbles' foot

Feety's foot :D

Mew's foot <333

I wanna see more cute plushie feets! :D

Also I am thinking about getting a plushie hammock. :O I think I found a good one on eBay but do stores like Wal-Mart sell them? Thanks! :D

New Toothy Story! ^ :D :D

Go there to see new Giratina and Shaymin figures that should come out sometime this fall from Banpresto! :D
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