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Collection Update, Mini sales, and shipping completed

First, I'd like to mention that all packages that have been paid for have been shipped out as of this afternoon. Thank you all for your time and patience. I had initially planned to mail items out on Wednesday, but a very tragic event happened that day. Our family had to put our dearest and most beloved dog down. ;__; kaygee84 helped us with everything. It was  a very sad day, but we were all happy our best friend and family member was not in pain anymore. He had suffered for too long with many ailments that wouldn't get better no matter what we did. -_- I miss him terribly, but I'm glad he's in a better place now.

Now on to more happier topics. :) I have a nice little collection update. I plan on doing my first story-post when my big angrychu arrives. :3 Hope you all enjoy it when it's posted. I already have ideas in mind. Anyway, my new collection is under the cut. Enjoy! ^_^

Here is the awesome new shirt I got in the mail today! <33 I've always wanted a fire Poke shirt, so I was happy when I saw it on ebay. It's a Youth XL, so it should fit me like a large, thankfully. ^_^ I kinda wish the shirt was black, though. ^^;

I got these from Japan Video Game a couple of days ago. The Charmander charm is so cute! <3 He was made in 2004 by Banpresto. Looks like he was a crane game prize. :)

An overview of all the recent stuff I've gotten. I am SO in love with the pencil board! <333 It's just way too awesome for words! I purchased that, plus the custom painted Umbreon kid from lineaalba. Thank you so much! And, yes, I bit my lip and purchased the Jakks Shinx plush. He is cute, I admit. I just wish they had gotten his color right. He's usually a much lighter blue that looks almost teal/sea-green. He's too blue here. ^^; The smile makes him look a little dorky, too. =P But, he's still cute and a happy member of my electric family. :3

Left side close-up. Haha! Seriously, Shinx looks so dorky! XD In the back, you'll notice two clear kids. Manaphy was actually pulled by my boss at the booth. XD I snagged it right away. Clear Jolteon was given to me as a gift along with the cool Groudon figure, flying Speed Deoxys, and cute-as-hell Charmander bobblehead from kaygee84. Yes, he spoils me. ^^;

Center close-up of my Pika kid collection. I LOVE that stretchy-face Pika. <3 So funny and cute. The winking one is darling, too. All of these, except for the attacking Pika, were gifts from kaygee84 and you guys! Sankyuu~!!!

Right side close-up of my Mander/Meleon/Zard kid collection. A number of these were gifts from kaygee84 and you guys! Thank you so much! <3

I purchased this awesome sticker from Sunnyshore. <3 It's so sparkly. *_* I love the variation of Pokemon around Darkrai. I'm kinda surprised to see Mew on it. ^^ Maybe it's a sticker dedicated to Dark and Psychic types.



I keep forgetting to put this up in my store. ^^; It's brand new NIP Pokemon napkins from way back when. I was very shocked to see these for sale. I immediately thought of you guys, hence why I purchased them. :) If no one wants to buy them as a set, I can open it and sell the napkins individually. It's your choice. The package deal is $1.50. Individually, the napkins will be 25¢ each.

As always, orders can be combined with anything from my shop. :) Prices have been dropped!
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