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Malaria: Heeey a package! 8D

Malaria: Ambeeeeer, the glue's too strong, can you get the scissors?

Malaria: Heee. X3 Thanks. Ooooooh what's in here?

(Bleh, stupid flash...)
Malaria: Ooooh, you guys are cute. <3

Malaria: This is where you guys go, I'm not sure why Funnel Cake wasn't around to let you out. I think he was off fuming about something Amber is buying...

New additions are the two Chouget from lineaalba, the two tags from castform, then a little early b-day gift charm made by my friend madam_rat

Malaria: So why'd you leave so suddenly?
Funnel Cake: None of your damn business. Amber did something bad that I'm not talking about.
Malaria: What'd she do?
Funnel Cake: ... You'll see in due time....

You'll all see sometime in the next few weeks or so. >:3 (depending on shipping date and speed that is...)

I also recently took new photos and updated all but the Giratina section of my site:
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