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Auctions & Sales!

Hello everyone,

I have some plush auctions and sales today! Including Japanese pokedolls, Tomy fuzzies, Bandai friends, Banpresto UFOs, and.......a
giant Sleeping Pikachu MWT, still in its original shipping box from PCNY! Come take a look - click on pic! :)

Warning: Very image heavy!
Auction Preview - 4-19-13

mew_ricle - Sales Terms

About Me
Sales permission granted on August 8, 2012 by allinia
PKMNcollectors community member since 2009
I may be willing to trade for items on my Wishlist

General Information
All PKMNcollectors community rules apply
Prices do not include shipping
Smoke-free, pet-free home
Strikethrough means the item is sold
No holds - first come, first serve
I will do my best to describe each item. They do not have any stains or damage unless noted in the description
Please be patient, I will try to answer all questions ASAP
If you have any problems or concerns during a transaction, please contact me before leaving feedback so we can find a solution together :)

I ship from the US, ship worldwide via USPS
Shipments made every Saturday
Packages will be sent to confirmed PayPal address
Items will be packaged in bubble envelope unless specified - see item description for any special shipping needed
Any paper tags will be protected with cardboard
Combined shipping available
I am not responsible for items once it is shipped - if you are concerned, a shipping upgrade is recommended

Domestic Shipping: starts at $4
-Delivery Confirmation (tracking) included in shipping quote
-Insurance optional (additional cost)
-Purchases made over $100 will have insurance added for free!

International Shipping: starts at $10 - varies by destination
-For tracking, upgrade to Priority Mail (additional cost)
-Buyer is responsible for customs fees from their country

PayPal only
Payment expected within 24 hours
When sending payment, mark as "Goods" and list your LJ username along with the item(s) you bought in the subject line, and (if any) special shipping requests in the memo box (leave blank if you have none)
Payment plans can be negotiated. General guidelines are:
Down payment within 24 hours
Weekly payments thereafter
Item will be shipped after item is paid in full

Auction Rules
Bid increments of $1
When bidding, place bid as a reply to the previous bid
Bids placed within the last 5 minutes will extend the auction for another 5 minutes
BIN prices are available until the auction ends


mew_ricle - Auctions

PCNY Giant Sleeping Pikachu ---------- starts at $150 (BIN $300)


20130421_224106 20130421_224153 20130421_224301 20130421_224314 20130421_224657 20130421_224725 20130421_225300 20130421_225446 20130421_225524

Brand new MWT - has been stored in its original shipping box from PCNY! Paper hang tag is great (no tears or creases, although has a minor natural curve), tush tag still looks new (no fraying)

I bought him back way back when, opened him up to check him out and then have kept him in storage. Although he was never even displayed or used at all, it appears that due to the soft terry cloth material, there is some minor seam stretching (see pic). All his stuffing is inside him though and he is still very plump and happy, ready to fall asleep in your lap!

Special Shipping: Pikachu will be shipped in a box. Due to its size and weight, shipping is going to be higher. Please do not bid if you cannot pay for this. Ask for quote beforehand
--- Domestic shipping starts at $12 (Standard Post - insurance and tracking included)

--- International shipping cost depends on your country - this will be expensive, $40+

Hasbro Jumbo Meowth --------- Offer starts at $20 (BIN $45)
MWT - Has been in storage forever, few minor creases in paper hang tag, excellent tush tag (no fraying)
This guy doesn't seem to be highly sought after, so I'm not sure about the BIN price (suggestions anyone?)


20130429_134607 20130429_134613 20130429_134652 20130429_134704 20130429_134712 20130429_134743

Special Shipping: Meowth will be shipped in a box. Due to its size and weight, shipping is going to be higher. Please do not bid if you cannot pay for this. Ask for quote beforehand
--- Domestic shipping starts at $9 (Standard Post - tracking included)

--- International shipping cost depends on your country - this will be expensive, $40+

JPN Flareon pokedoll ---------- starts at $45 (BIN $80) BIN'ed!
MWT - paper tag has minor crease, minky


20130429_112926 20130429_112934 20130429_112946 20130429_113019 20130429_112955 20130429_113006

JPN Jolteon pokedoll ---------- starts at $45 (BIN $80)
MWT - excellent paper and tush tags, minky


20130429_113146 20130429_113153 20130429_113202 20130429_113219 20130429_113212

10th Anniversary Squirtle ---------- starts at $45 (BIN $60)
MWT - paper tag is pretty beat up (see pics), minky


20130429_113302 20130429_113358 20130429_113350 20130429_113342 20130429_113334 20130429_113325 20130429_113320

JPN Weavile pokedoll ---------- starts at $25 (BIN $60)
MWT - paper tag has a minor crease, tush tag is perfect, velboa


20130428_122910 20130428_122918 20130428_122931 20130428_122951 20130428_123006

JPN Plusle pokedoll ---------- starts at $25 (BIN $60)
MWT - paper tag has a crease, tush tag is perfect, velboa


20130428_123035 20130428_123044 20130428_123056 20130428_123115 20130428_123123

Tomy fuzzy Sentret plush ---------- starts at $20 (BIN $50)
Mint, tush tag only (tag is in great condition with no fraying). No stains or damage that I can see. This little guy is so cute, constantly smiling up at me - what a happy little guy!


20130428_122549 20130428_122609 20130428_122621

Tomy fuzzy Cyndaquil plush ---------- starts at $15 (BIN $35)
MWT - hang tag and tush tag are both perfect, tush tag!


20130428_122656 20130428_122720 20130428_122732 20130428_122753 20130428_122814 20130428_122823

Auctions end next Tues, 5/7 @ 9pm PST

mew_ricle - Sales

Bandai friends plush ---------- $5 each
Tush tags only - great condition! No stains, scuff marks, or pilling that I can see, no fraying on tush tags

Clefable, Meowth, Oddish, Snorlax, Sentret, Teddiursa, Totodile

Banpresto 2004 First Gen Starters UFOs --------- $15 each, or $30 for the lot
MWT - excellent tush tags (no fraying) and perfect hang tags (no creases or tears), strings intact

Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle

Banpresto 1999 UFOs --------- $15 each
MWT - strings intact


Ledyba: minor crease on hang tag, string intact, has a very teeny scuff on her left eye (hardly noticeable); Her cute little feet are so wiggly!
20130427_111607 20130427_112729

Hoothoot: MWT - strings intact, small tear and minor crease on hang tag, tush tag has minor fading on one side
20130427_111652 20130429_121725

Banpresto UFOs ---------- $12 each
MWT - perfect hang and tush tags, strings intact

2005 Torchic
2010 Pichu

Please do not bid until threads are up Threads up! :)
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