g_manluver (g_manluver) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Jakks Lickilicky, mewtwo backpack and message to Devi-white

3 part journal

Jakks Lickilicky:
I've been waiting for a while for it to come to Wal Mart but it doesn't seem like their getting the new Jakks figures at any rate. Does anyone know of the good, very safe website that has them for sale? The only place I saw one for sale was ebay and the guy is majorly ripping you off (12$ for a single jakks figure? wtf is that?! They sell for 5$ or so in store and this doesn't even including the shipping.)

Mewtwo backpack:
I have one and apparently its extremely rare. at first I didn't have the heart to sell/trade it but I'm thinking I may do it now since I realize its taking up unneeded space in my apartment. Also, I no longer collect Mewtwo stuff so I don't need it for anything anymore. Is anyone interested in it and how much would you think I should charge for it?

Dear Devi_White:
I'm still waiting for you to pay for the anniversary pack of figures you wanted. I'm sorry, but if I don't receive payment in 2 days (one week after giving you my paypal address) I am putting it back for sale as 2 other users have ask for it and I cannot hold onto it forever while waiting for payment.

Also I'm sorry to put this out on a public community, I wanted to contact you personally however your PMs are disabled and you have no other contact information I can use, also its impossible to know if your still watching my personal journal so I didn't want to wait any longer to get this message out.

So please respond here so I know you're still interested.

Thanks Devi.
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