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Ebay auctions, DS PIMPIN

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I put the contents of most of what was left from my sales on ebay, though I've got two things for direct sale underneath the cut - a used copy of Pokemon Ranger and a Celebi headscarf you can actually wear. ^_^


Two more pictures and pricing for the game and scarf are under the cut.

Paypal only please - I won't hold items for any longer than 24 hours. If you're in the US, your package will be mailed within a few days. International packages won't be mailed until I am back in town (around August 2nd.) Domestic shipping (USPS first-class, no insurance unless requested) starts at $2 base price; international starts at $3 base price.

I may refuse to sell to anyone for any reason, but generally only for negative feedback or rudeness.


Celebi Headscarf (flawless) - $8


Pokemon Ranger (used) - $13

Also, pimping my DS with Skymin skin, since somehow my SMJ box showed up at my house (without warning, even though the USPS website told me it had been returned and I hadn't heard anything for over a week!).


I've got a Skymin DS stylus and strap coming to attach to it - I'll probably keep Latias on there as well, since I love her too. XD

On the DS are the Shaymin TOMY figure and Keshi poke, along with the Umbreon battrio. X3 Must not buy any more. I've already got Raikou coming, but I still want Espeon and Shaymin. (I don't even know why - I can't play the game. ;_;)
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