Because ponies... (yaoi_queen) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Because ponies...

Garchomp LV X for trade or sale

Okay, this is, quite literally, the dozenth time I have forgotten to bring this up. ^^; I have a Garchomp LV X card that I don't really want. I'm quite aware of it's value, so I will keep things fair. I originally wanted to use it only as a trade item for a Leafeon LV X. If anyone has that and would be willing to trade--I know it's doubtful considering all the Eevee fanatics here--that would be great. :) Otherwise, I will put it up for sale/auction. It's in mint condition as I pulled it only about two weeks ago and it's still in it's original pack.

Auction Starts at: $10
BIN: $40

Please bid in increments of $1. Also, if anyone comes along with a Leafeon LV X to trade during the auction, I WILL TAKE IT AND STOP THE AUCTION!!! Of course, if someone buys it, then I won't trade.

EDIT: As a bonus for trading a Leafeon LV X, you may choose up to two extra holo cards from my shop for free. :)
Tags: garchomp, sales
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