Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

today is a collection update of a TON of new stuff!

including a photo that, 6 months ago, if you told me i could take it, i'd have laughed in your face.

who can hope they'll make giant plushies of your favourite pokemon, and then they actually DO?

let's begin with raichus...

a new pin! do you know which it is? oh well, here they all are!

the three new raichu cards, one of which is currently selling for 4000 yen on japan (raichu on the beach). and no, i didnt have to pay that much... XD i love these cards. they are all so cute... and all came out in the same week!

RAICHU DOUJINSHI!!!!!!!!!! I FINALLY got the orange one on the right. GAAH! they are SO cute. and for the record: they are cute, not pornographic. i am not interested in raichu in that way, although i know thanks to google and DA that many people are. whatever XD these stories are about pikachu and raichu adventures, a raichu and typhlosion explorer team, and RAI-MODE (the most rare and expensive of the bunch) is an anthology of short stories.

the "official" pics of my theredbat raichus... ;)

moving on to my pride of lions...

"Um. Wow. When they made DX Raichu plush, I said "I sure wish they'd make a Luxray DX plush". Well.... here she is... with Shinx as well! Caught each of mine in one try.... AMAZING! I love my lucky lions and I'm speechless about how cuddly and adorable they are and how lucky I am to have my favourite Pokemon both made into DX plush!!! (each is about a foot tall)"

i do have an extra luxray i decided to try on ebay, the link is at the bottom of this post :>

my nationals luxray shirts, both staff and player versions! THANK YOU RAVESTAR! enjoy floatzel and lopunny... ;) these shirts COMPLETE my collection of lions merch that was released due to them being mascots for TCG tourney this year.

my official shot of my usakochan volkner and luxray! I LOVE THEM AAAAA!

happy days.

as always, i have more raichus and lions coming soon! another update next week?!

here is my extra giant luxray on ebay :).

Tags: luxio, luxray, raichu, shinx
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