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First Sales post, huzzah!

In celebration of my first sales post, I'll be auctioning off some my Eeveelution Canvas. I'll also be selling a few other Eeveelution items with a few rarities at "OH MAH SWEET GERD, ARESEEUS"-low prices. I'll also be paying for half of the shipping to further promote this joyous occasion! Sorry folks, times up!

Please enjoy the GRAND OPENING of Blu's la Berri Kreme de Shoppe!

Update: To those interested in the Rare Takara-Tomy (standing) DP Leafeon, I will no longer selling it in THIS sales post but will in a future one. There was a potential buyer not from the community interested in purchasing the Leafeon. While the offer was very, very generous, the idea of selling to a non-member made me rather uncomfortable and I feel their offer has skewed the numbers and was unfair for everyone interested. I'm making a decision to temporarily take the Leafeon off the market and try again in a future sales post, even if it means I'll be earning less cash. I am very sorry everyone! :(

-Sales Permission granted by entirelycliched on March 10, 2013.
-100% positive pkmncollectors related feedback can be viewed here at the community feedback site.
-100% positive feedback on eBay can be viewed here.

Standard community rules apply unless noted otherwise.

-No editing replies. If you want something additionally, reply to your comment. If there are two people that want the same item, the person that has the earlier timestamp takes priority. Edited messages take the lowest priority.
-The minimum bid increment is $1.00.
-No bid-sniping. Auctions will continue until five minutes after the last bid has passed.
-I prefer paypal for payment. If you intend on paying alternatively, please send a notice before bidding. I will not mail anything until payment has cleared. I am not responsible if a check/money order/whatever never reaches me.
-Shipping will be USPS 1st-class and I attempt to protect your item as much as possible. You have the option to request additional shipping services (such as priority, delivery/signature confimation) if you are worried because I am not responsible for lost or damaged items.
-I have the right to decline any transaction I deem unsatisfactory.
-Above all else: have a fun, pleasant time. :3

I recently bought a complete Eeveelution Pokemon Canvas lot from Japan and I'm selling the extras of ones I already own. These are the legit, from Japan, Pokemon Canvases formerly from my personal collection. Auction ends at 7:00pm Pacific on Monday, May 6. Starting price is $30.00

Eevee and Glaceon have tushtags and detached hang tags. The hang tags are in perfect condition.
Umbreon and Leafeon are tushtag only.

All of them have beanie-filled midsections, like all legit canvases should. :)


I Love Eevee Keychain plush perfect with all tags = $12

Vaporeon - on hold
Jolteon - claimed
Flareon - claimed
Espeon - claimed
Umbreon - claimed
Glaceon - claimed

Leafeon pile

Takara Tomy Best Wishes plush perfect with tags = $20 - claimed
I Love Eevee keychain plush perfect with tag = $12 - claimed
Japanese Mink Poke Doll tushtag only = $15 - claimed
SUPER RARE Takara Tomy Pokemon DP Leafeon (standing) plush perfect with detached tag = Make an offer - Temporarily off the market, please read note. Sorry!

EDIT: The tag for the DP Leafeon since it doesn't show in that image.

There are two because the other is from Glaceon. ShoPro sticker and everything.
Tags: canvas, eevee, espeon, flareon, glaceon, jolteon, leafeon, umbreon, vaporeon
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