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Collection Update + Custom Keychain

I certainly haven't posted here in a while. I think I only have an intro and sales post so far.

A lot of stuff arrived throughout the weeks. I think I left feedback for all of the transactions, but have a bad memory. If you want me to leave feedback if I haven't done so already, please notify me. :>

I scanned my card collection, so feel free to look through them here if interested.

The scorpion-bats. I wish the Zukan and blister pack promo was released soon. I want them~ |D In case it's hard to tell, the small Gliscor on the bottom left is the Keshipoke and the large one hanging from the magnet is the Tomy figure.

The small keychain above is an extra Chou GET. I added a finding/keyring to attach it to my DS.

My very small Deoxys Speed collection. A lot of stuff is on the way, though. I forgot to take a picture of the Museum/Pokedex figure, which sits under my monitor (hence overlooking it).

Many eyes~ :> There is a large figure that I didn't take a photo of due to it being stored in a different place.

The bellplush that I made a while ago, but never got to posting. I couldn't find any decent string, so I used a cell phone strap instead.

The "Misc." collection. It consists of things that I felt like picking up one day. :D; I love how smooth and official-like the Pokeball is. I wonder if there are other Keshipoke pokeballs.

More items from the Misc. collection. They are mostly smaller figures and Kids of my Pokemon Diamond team, as well as a few random ones. The 'cards' on the right are actually laminated copies.

I had some fun with my printer and laminator yesterday. Here is a shiny Rotom, front and back. The picture is a bit dull due to my camera's shadow.

Side view. It's about 2mm thick. The laminate sheets are 5mil thick each, with thick mounting adhesive sandwiched inbetween. I would have just used double sided paper, but the single sheets seemed a bit too light for a keychain (especially among my other metal ones).

Some of these have rather outdated artwork. The Espeon and Tentacruel are scans from cards and the Porygon-Z is an old doodle.

This is their size compared to a penny.

..and that is all. |D
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