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The Sun King

I've just come back from a lovely beach vacation, having stayed one day more than scheduled. I'm a little browner, a little leaner, and, despite being a little sicker as well, a lot more relaxed.

I anticipated an everything-free week, including Pokémon, but there are actually a few Pokémon-related aspects of my holiday to share with you all. But tonight, I'd like to share something more focused and more personal. A community first(?)--a Pokémon "Human Interest Story."


I was lucky enough to be born into a family that happens to own a cozy little condo by the beach, and so, since birth, an annual vacation by the beach could always be counted on. There are many fond memories to be found in each set of seven days on the shoreline, from sand castles to teenage dalliances to the simple splashing of waves on my feet.

When I was a about eight years old, my father unintentionally founded a tradition. He took a little red monster finger puppet, won from a dime claw machine on the boardwalk, and dubbed it The Sun God. It was perched upon our beach condo's window sill, and as long as we worshipped it, we would be blessed with sunny beach weather.

The fun part is that when the vacation was over, the Sun God had to become dormant, so it was buried in a hanging potted plant. As a boy, it was amazing to me that the Sun God remained undisturbed--and unbeknownst--by all the other vacationers in the condo for an entire year. Now, seventeen years later, it's all the more amazing that the tradition continues.

And so of course, at the start of my vacation the Sun God was unearthed again, summoning sunlight with a majestic wave of its arms.

But this year, he is joined not by a god, but a legendary... Groudon! But why the Continent Pokémon, you ask?

A red finger puppet monster with sharp teeth whose arms seem to always be extended in front of it... perhaps these two were cut from the same cloth. This seems especially likely since Groudon's innate ability is to bring forth intense sunlight.

The twin beasts, perched on their window sill post, blessed me with quite a good bit of sunlight indeed. In fact, I enjoyed the greatest streak of vacation weather that I have since as far back as I can remember, with nary a raincloud or raindrop in sight the entire eight days.

My family doesn't have much in the way of tradition, but the Sun God is one of them, and it's one I plan to share with my own kids someday. Groudon may well become part of that, and so it too now hibernates in the unassuming potted plant.

I had thought about replacing the original red monster altogether and making Groudon my own sun god...

...but instead, I got another red finger puppet--still in the dime claw machines after all these years--just in case I lose the original. I seem to find a way to incorporate Pokémon into most every facet of my life; there's still room for Groudon, but perhaps this time, things are best kept the way they always were.

Very special thanks to pheonixxfoxx for selling and shipping Groudon in such a narrow time frame, making this possible.
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