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Pokemon Wall Sticker Reservations

I won Pokemon wall cling on stickers on ebay and, as usual, I don't plan on keeping all of them. So, I'm hoping you guys would like 'em. :) I will list the ones kaygee84 and I will be keeping.

This is the best pic I have considering it's the stock photo from the auction. I hope you can see all of them.
The ones that will be unavailable are: Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Growlithe, Charizard, and Nidoran. I think that was it. I only wanted Pikachu for the most part while kaygee84 wanted the rest. ^_^

They are quite big at 3" x 4". They will be $3 each. I am only taking reservations now. I will ask for payment once they arrive at my doorstep.

shiny_vulpix: Vulpix
ridi: Voltorb/Electrode
olesvenson: Dragonite

badgerr_ftw: Arbok
_nofuturenohope: Eevee
99reddrifloons: Koffing and Rapidash

EDIT: The stickers came in the mail today! I was shocked at how fast they were shipped. So, whatever stickers you want can be paid for right away if desired. :) Just let me know where you live so I can calculate shipping.
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