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Collection update!

I still have some things on the way, but I think this is enough to do a good collection update.

Bulbasaur Extravaganza

New Plush

Bath Buddy Bulba
From pheonixxfoxx, arrived on 7/11. His head is so... round.
I really wanna praise this guy, but honestly, he's really not a favourite piece of my collection,
despite his excellent price, great condition and fast arrival. He just seems so...
Sewn with waterproof fabric. :\

Conjunctivitisaur (left) and Optimisticsaur (right)
Conjunctivitisaur is from pacificpikachu and arrived in record time! D: His eyes are stickers (?) that are peeling pretty badly around the edges, making them look swollen -- thus his name. He's a Play By Play.
Optimisticsaur is also Play By Play, most likely the smaller version of Conjunctivitisaur -- he is better quality (later edition...), made with soft plush fabric instead of felt. His eyes are made of plastic. Originally named for his optimistic expression in the pictures, upon arrival, he really looks ore terrified than optimistic. ;A;'' He came from a group auction orchestrated by bergunty.

New Figures

Bulbasaur Funwari Figure
From pheonixxfoxx, I am SO stoked to get this guy. I'd seen the funwari figures on Y!J for a while, and I'd been wondering if a Bulbasaur would ever pop up... he's vintage '98, and yet none of his fuzz is gone. My boyfriend saw him on Friday and exclaimed "EW" ;A; but I love funwarisaur dearly nonetheless.

Bulbasaur Minicot
From kiraras_lemon, this little guy is EXTREMELY well-traveled X_x;. He was unfortunately sent to my school address, and had to be redirected to my home address... resulting in over a month of ship time. But he's adorable and in good condition, so whatever. I can't believe how tiny he is!! In the image, he is sitting on JUST the "G" key of my MacBook.

Bulbasaur Master Figure: Bobblehead
From a group auction (run by myself). He's adorable, I've wanted this little guy for a while -- but he's also so tiny!!

Bulbasaur Chess Figure
This is the most ridiculously detailed, beautifully painted Bulbasaur item I own. My boyfriend agrees that it is ridiculously done. Thanks so much to keisuro for Y!Jing him for me.

Bootleg Bulbasaur TOMY
A bootleg (I'm assuming -- stamped CHINA but nothing else) of the Bulbasaur TOMY. He's about the size of the bobblehead. Came as a freebie with Optimisticsaur from bergunty -- thanks! X3


Bulbasaur & Chikorita Pokemon Center Bag
Received as an AWESOME freebie in my package from pheonixxfoxx! >w< !! I had almost bought it earlier, but couldn't justify the shipping costs for a $1 bag... and she remembered and sent it! I was so excited to get this. It's the backdrop of my collection now. (There are little Metapods printed on the inside handles of the bag -- it's adorable.)

My entire collection is detailed here, at my collection page (along with wantlist).</center>

fairymon7, you said you were going to pay shipping on Treecko and ship the Bulbasaur I paid for on Thursday, but I've received no payment and no shipping confirmation. :\ Please let me know what is going on.
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