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A couple cool things and a Question!

Yesterday I drove my mom and myself to the Japanese grocery/book store that is somewhat nearby (some people know I am learning to drive :D) Last night I made myself a cool bag! Pictures of all the goodies will be under the cut.

Now for a question! I am trying to identify some small figures I have that may be Keshipoke. To the people who have Keshipoke, what sort of markings are on them?

Here are my candidates: Dratini (small, rubbery, has a few letters on it), Pikachu 1 (small, not rubbery, unmarked) and Pikachu 2 (small, rubbery, several letters on it)

I have a couple keshimon that are definitely keshimon, and they are inconsistent with each other (Snorlax has markings similar to Dratini above while my Pikachu is unmarked). So confusing! @_@ Thanks to anyone who can help! :D

On to the pictures!

Pokemon gummies! :D Pretty yummy! :D

My very own Coro-Coro! :D This is August's edition. The store also had one left over of July's edition, but I decided I wanted the most recent one.

To see more of the inside, visit my personal journal here! :D

Look what was inside! :D It's soo coooool! :D It will definitely decorate my wall next semester. :3

I had told people in chat that this was as big as a jumbo TCG card. It's actually slightly bigger! :D

Here's the bag I made! :D Well, I made the iron-on for it. xD And before anyone says anything, it is official art. :)

Wheee cool stuffs inside too! :D

Side note- Anyone here like Duel Masters?

Pictures of the figures I have questions about under here!

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