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Introduction post (overview of my collection)

Hello everyone and thank you for welcoming me o/

I joined the community a few weeks ago and thought doing my introduction post earlier. But the dates I planned to do it were each time delayed. This time I was waiting for the receipt of my package from sunyshore before making my post, but it's still blocked in customs... Hoping that things will get better quickly.
Anyway, I'm Yann, a French collector. Even though I’ve been playing Pokémon since the very beginning, I have collected goodies for only two years. My collector period has moreover followed my ShinyHunter period, which started more than a year before and had itself arisen from my renewed interest in the Pokémon games during university. So, although I don’t have a favorite Pokémon I collect, I have a particular interest for everything related to Shiny Pokémon *o*

I knew about pkmncollectors several months ago, but it's only been recently that I followed it regularly. Since the Gin Magikarp cushion pick-ups post actually, which has also introduced me to her shop (much cheaper than Brian’s one ^^). So it’s after that I decided to create an LJ account and request membership. Later, reading some posts, I discovered weebly and decided to create a website for my collection. At first, it's in fact its completion I was expecting to do my introduction post (before realizing it would take too much time).

So, to present you my collection I have pictures of the figures showcase (with also a few plushies in fact lol).
I really need the big Ditto Pikachu *.*
As you can see, there are two places available for Mandibuzz and Gothita. Does anyone know their release date ?
I love this shelf. But I have to fill it out a little more with small figurines. Well, I'll see later when money returns haha

You can find more detailed pictures of theses items on my website ( as well as shiny and jumbo cards, clear file folders, etc. In the end, it's mostly the plushies photos that are missing (I redo the layout of their showcase).
Besides, if you see mistakes on the site (whether for information or my English ^^), don’t hesitate to contact me.

Yeah ! Introduction post finally done *proud*
Good day all o/

For Shiny lovers
In game:

And I found plushies pictures I took months ago. Three shelves are missing and the arrangement is no longer current, but at least you'll see a little more my collection.

PS : If someone could inform me of the release date of this Tomy 1/1 lifesize Togepi plush, I would be very grateful. Thanks.
I own one but I don’t see the date anywhere on the tags xD
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