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Growly's Growlithes pt 1

Here is something I've wanted to do for a LONG time, but it's so massive an undertaking I've been putting it off for so long. xD But here it is- my ENTIRE Growlithe/Arcanine collection!

This is the first part of my collection post- I reviewed everything and I have over 90 images, so it'll be less overwhelming if I split it up into two or three posts. I hope nobody minds terribly.

Also, since I've never posted an introduction post, might as well do that now, six years later ;D

I'm Growly and I love Growlithe! :D In fact, my net name comes from my favorite episode of the TV series, "Holy Matrimony!" where it's revealed James had a Growlithe growing up, who's name is Growly/Growlie (never sure how it was supposed to be spelled, so I just went with what looked best written). I'm 25 years old and I'm a professional costume and plush maker. I live in Georgia with my hubby and watch an awful lot of Netflix. I love animals and art, and am starting to become more interested in gardening and camping, in addition to my beloved leisure activities. I've been into Pokémon since I was twelve.

Pokémon was something of an instant obsession for me- the first thing I ever saw about Pokémon was an advertisement on the back of a Disney Adventures magazine. It was kind of a teaser image, didn't say what Pokémon was, just had a bunch of the characters under a net with the caption "Gotta Catch 'Em All". I pinned the ad to my wall and stared at it a lot, I thought the variety of the characters and the designs were really intriguing! Then I started watching the show and got the games and bought my first deck. :D

In the deck was a Growlithe card. I thought it was a really weird looking fat tiger, but then I read that it was a puppy Pokémon and I fell in love. xD I loved the idea of a firey stripey chubby puppy! I adore dogs and wolves in real life, so it's no wonder I became so attached to these guys. I hardcore collect both Growlithe and Arcanine. :D So my lifelong love for fire pups was started and I'm so proud of my collection! They make me smile to look at. I am excited to share these pics with you guys!

You have my permission to use the images on wanted lists, but please do not use them for sales listings or auctions.

I'm going to make this post about my puppy plushies :D

These are all my Growlithe and Arcanine plushies, with one honorary striped pup and one pony that snuck into the photo that I am only just now noticing, whoops!

I LOVE custom plush!!! All these are by different artists and they are all amazing. I love that every artist's style shines through in their work.

This is a fun little project I've been working on the past 6 months or so- I want to commission a rainbow of Growlithes from different artists. I'm commissioning them all the same size too, so they fit together as a group :D

I love them, all of them are so different!!! :D When the rainbow is completed, I want to make myself a rainbow colored one to unite them all… kind of like a Rainbow Neopet, very colorful.

Freaking fabulous and adorable!!

This is Cherries Jubilee, by Zenity! I got her in the Valentine's exchange. Cherry even has heart-shaped pawpads omfg

This is Banana Cream, by Cwinget/Sewgoods. He was the first of the Rainbowlithes I had made!

This is my newest, Icee by AmberTDD. All the blues look so awesome together.

And this is Strawberry, by d215lab on Deviantart! I notice her work is becoming really popular, which makes me happy. It was a real joy working with her!

More amazing customs! From left to right:
Hachi by Draggycat/Sairiti(?), Kilroy by Blue-Robotto, and Sierra by Anjel. Sierra wears the silk flower I wore with my wedding gown, I think it looks great on her :)

In this photo: Teenylithe by Cwinget, Growlithe bellplush by G_manluver, Barkley the Arcanine Pokédoll by Usakochan, and Silver, my shiny Growlithe OC done by Aki_the_Wolf on DA.

Better photo of Teenylithe. Its limbs rotate, so cool! I can't imagine trying to sew something so tiny, mad props.

Now for the official and knock-off duders! I made this little infographic to post on my profile on an art site because a lot of people watch me, and more people keeping an eye out means better chance of me finding cool stuff ;D Also because people kept sending me links for bootlegs and things I have already, and while I appreciate the effort, now they can more easily figure out what I have already.

So yeah, these guys are the only 100% official Growlithe and Arcanine plush to exist, as far as we know.
From left to right: Sola the Canvas Growlithe, Percival the Banpresto UFO catcher Arcanine, and Rosco the PokeTime Growlithe. He just really looks like a Rosco to me!

This is the largest custom plush in my collection, a big laying down sleepy Arcanine by MouseAlchemist. :D

His name is Valentino, because I received him in the first Pkmncollectors Secret Valentine's exchange! He lives on the back of my couch like a giant housecat.

THIS, my dearies, is the stuff legends are made out of. Or at least, my dreams!!
Long story short, my grail for the entire time I have been collecting has been a Growlithe plush. People kept telling me they'd seen Growlithe plushies before, so I started to believe in it and spent so many hours looking and searching far and wide. Do note this was before there existed any sort of official Growlithe or Arcanine plush, I had nothing to go off here of but rumors. So anyway, obsessive multi-year search complete with dreams, late nights on Y!J, farming my viewer base to help me find this plush, etc lead to finally discovering this baby on someone's DA page :D
It is a mirage plush! One of those mysterious plush of dubious origin, this gal came out of a Swiss crane machine! After nerve-wracking negotiations, I convinced the owner to sell it to me, and now here we are :D It's been over two years since Fluffy first came home with me, I can't believe it! Every time I look at her, I smile. She is so amazing and wonderful. She is strange and mysterious. She is FLUFFY! I am hoping I will find out more about her someday or find some of her lost brothers and sisters. She truly is the gem of my collection!

Next post preview: FIGURES!

Stay tuned!
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