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In search!

Hi there! Well since I already made my intro a few days ago now I come to ask for help to find this:
The togepi 1/1 life size plush Tomy
Talking togepi of hasbro
Igglybuff plushes
Azurill kids (clear preferably)
If this are new or like in new condition that would be perfect though I'm open to inspect them (I'm really sorry I'm so picky ): but I don't have enough talent like many of you to restore plushies or figures)

ATM I don't have much money, just in the hunting to know where I can get them and if is inside my budget I won't thing twice (:

I'm expecting a package next Thursday and some day in late may. When those arrive I'll finally present you my collection :D
Have a nice day/night
Tags: azurill, bulbasaur, igglybuff, togepi
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