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[Eventually we arrive at the Star of Love]

Ok guys, this will be one hell of a post xD I haven't posted for a while so I'm overhauling this one to hell and back xD This post will be seriously image heavy O_O

Firstly I'll apologise for not being much recently =< I moved out of my Uni dorm room around the end of June and I am now back home (in a tiny room ;-; ) and it took  me a while to get the internet sorted out. I've been such a space case as well recently. So if I've forgotten something/if I've not gotten back to you about something, let me know with a comment or something, you'd be doing me a favor @_@

Now then, collection update! It's been a while since I posted my collection in its entireity so here we go ^^

I coped all this directly from my main collection post and just edited some of the text for you guys. I have a terrible memory so I'm not gonna write down who I got what from in case I get it wrong or miss some of you guys out. Needless to say, if you contributed to this, thank you! I love you xD

Currently this collection is very small, but i hope to expand it slowly... she says xD When I get enough merch of all my favorite Pokemon, I will probably need to have seperate photographs for each Pokemon, but for now they're all combined xD No longer small! My Pokemon collection can and will now happily accomodate a shelf! It's grown and shows off some of my favorite Pokemon ^^

An image of the majority of my collection on display in my University dorm room  It looks all cool displayed together like that ^^ I'll loved being able to hang phone charms and plushes like that =D

My Celebi collection ^^ Celebi was the first Legendary Pokemon I fell for (hard) when I started getting back into Pokemon. 'Bii!' is so cute. From left to right we have, a Pokedoll(from kiraras_lemon ^^), two phone charms, the zukan, a Kid(I have a spare which is now in the care of kiraras_lemon), a pencil topper, a Celebi movie sticker card and a 'Fuzzy' plush (I'm not sure what the official name is). There is a close-up image of the figures here.

Like Celebi, Jirachi was another Pokemon I fell for when I gt back into collecting, although initially I liked Jirachi more, I seem to have done a 180 turn and now I seem to like Celebi much more, but that may be because my Jirachi collection is lacking in comparison =< Although Kirara and I seem to have pencil toppers coming out of our ears xD. From left to right we have a pencil topper, the pokedex figure, a phone charm, another pencil topper, and a plush(although I'm not sure what plush it is, I do still have the tag). There is a close-up image of the figures here.

To finish off the Celebi and Jirachi section, here I have two suction cups. I'm not sure what it is about these guys that I like, but they're adorable! They stick to...well, almost anything xD

My Bonsly collection! Truth be told, I only like Bonsly because of his american voice-dub, it's oddly cute. But I do love my Bonsly collection. Although, It makes me sad to look at it; the only happy Bonsly here is the chou-get. I need more happy Bonsly items! Here we have, from left to right, a European release figure(not sure what),  the pencil topper, the big Jakks figure, the Bonsly-Sudowoodo zukan, a Kid, the happy chou-get, and a jakks plush. There is a close-up image of the figures here.

My tiny Mantyke collection. There is something about this Sting-Ray Pokemon that is so huggable. Although my collection is small, I hope it can get bigger! Mostly plush-wise I hope. From left to right; Mantyke Jakks, Kid and European release figure, then finally, the Mantyke Jakks Beanie plush, he's so soft ^o^ But not nearly big enough =<

My Riolu/Lucario line collection =D Another Pokemon that I cherish. Sadly I have no plushes of either yet, mostly because I have yet to find one I really like the look of. From left to right  at the top we have, the Riolu chou get, Lucario Kid, european release figure, the zukan, Riolu kid, and Lucario running pencil topper. At the bottom we have a Riolu phone charm and a Mew+Crystal keychain. You may wonder why Mew is in here; it's because of the movie; Lucario and the mystery of Mew. I have a chain of Lucario to go with Mew on its way to me ^^ Close ups of the charm/chain here.

My Cyndaquil>Quilava?Typhlosion collection. Looking especially cool thanks to my better half kiraras_lemon who gave me the Cyndaquil on a base figure, and the zukan. From left to right we have a Cyndaquil Kid, Unknown Cyndaquil figure on a base, Quilava Kid, the zukan, and at the bottom a Typhlosion Promo card. The card and zukan are the best in this image, but here's a close-up of the figures.

My Flygon collection ^_^ Another Pokemon I'd sell my little toe for! (And you think I'm joking.) From left to right we have the amazingly well made pencil topper, the sitting kid, a large keychain, the zukan at the back (with tiny, head-overweight Trapinch), and the pokedex figure at the front. Not only is Flygon modelled after Dragons and Dragonflies, but his colour scheme is lovely, even the shiny version! And I don't usually like the shiny versions xD

We're really getting into the smaller collections now; here we have a Manaphy bottle cap figure(without the cap), and a Manaphy phone charm. Then a Togepi kid, Togepi light-up keychain (a little bit worn, poor little guy) and the Togepi-Togetic zukan. I like Togekiss a lot but there is no merch out there for Togekiss O_O Togekiss gets no love I swear D'X

More Pokemon together! Here at the front we have the Castform zukan, a Banette Pencil topper and the Shuppet-Banette zukan, at the back we have an Azurill kid, pokedex and Tomy figures and a Poliwag who snuck along for a ride! I really like Castform and Shuppet but Banette is starting to grow on me. I've always thought that Azurill and Poliwag are cute but there's very little merch out there for them =<

More Pokemon that don't have single collections yet. Here we have some Turtwig, some Piplup and a Chimchar, Kecleon Kid, Oddish figure (very tiny!) and a Ledyba/Ledia/Spinarak/Ariados zukan, which is really pretty!

The last of the collection. Most of these guys are being sold/have been sold/just need a clean. Pichu friends plush, Aggron Kid, Cradily and Lileep Kids, Munchlax keychain figure, Pikachu Basket keychain, Lugia Tomy (cleaning xD) Mudkip phone charm(my last one for sale) Lugia phone charm, and a Lugia rubber figure which has lost a lot of its paint/stickers, so that's in repair xD.

Lastly, here's where I keep all my Pokemon cards. My Lucario tin and my Lucky Star trading card box. I swore I'd never use that box for holding cards, but I needed somewhere to put them so there we go xD Two more images here and here of the Lucky Star box. I'm actually willing to sell the Majestic Dawn (Leafeon+Glaceon) deck sleeves I have; I've got a full set of 60 for a deck, so if you're interested let me know =3

My Pokemon cards. There is more than one card in every sleeve, so in reality I have a LOT, you just can't see them all as they're all in sleeves xD These are all the cards I have in my LS deck box, so there must be around 100, I have no doubles in the box, and all my doubles are for sale over on my sales post. =3

As well at that collection update which I did a while ago @_@  I've received some things in the mail since then, I'm now living back at home with my parents and my brother. Has anyone else here ever had to move back home, especially into a smaller room? DX Torture. I'm seriously lacking shelf space, I mean this is what my shelf used to look like, it went from that, to this, and now it's like this DX

I was surprised I fit all my Pokemon merch in one shoebox, but on the other hand I don't even want to think about how much I've spent =X

Everytime I need some perspective I'll look at this xD Because I know how much money is in that box O_O

So after all the moving I reorganised my collection and had to cut down what I displayed and what I didn't display =< Here are some images! ^^

Yes I am a freak for Pokemon...and books xD *noms books* 83

Since moving back home I recieved other items! Packages from keisuro, jedi_amara, warandromance, ambertdd, and yaoi_queen. I also received my half of a package from lightofapollo; a Banette and a Flygon pencil topper, but I think they arrived before I came home. Some imges! =D

Here we have Jirachi and Lucario Kids from keisuro (My first Jirachi kid =DD) A Cacnea Kid from warandromance, who also sent me a Lucario+Aarons staff keychain It's hung up on the shelf above my other Lucario merch next to the Mew keychain xD The Mantyke/Mantine Zukan was part of a trade with Jedi_amara ^_^ Now that I know it's part of a big scene I kinda want Buizel and Manaphy zukan xD Finally the Kecleon keychain thing was a gift from Kirara who bought it from candycafe I think xD Thank you to both of you! XD

And this is currently how all my plushes are displayed =D Pokemon and others! Back at Uni I had a couch where they all sat, but I've not got the space here so they've claimed the end of my bed as their own xD The ones that have string I've hung up with blue-tak, but the heavier ones didn't stay there for long xD You can see my two Bell plushes in here as well a Celebi pokedoll Kirara surprise-gifted me with xD Aaand... my long awaited beloved purple Imp.. ;-;

Sableye: I'm king of the world!
Bonsly: T_T
Pichu: I'm so cuter than you.
Celebi: Don't make me out cute-you, rodent.
Sableye: ... So that's a no then huh?

Needless to say Sableye was a little surprised when he moved in...
Sableye: Holy sh*t! You want me to climb that?!
Penn: Well if you wanna sit on top...
Sableye: ... Well then *cracks knuckles* I like a good challenge.

Naturally he got up there xD But his stay on the thrown was short lived! Celebi's claimed half of it now. How should I say it... they make a cute couple? x33

And now for something completely different!

My (small ;-; ) messy desktop xD As well as some Pokemon stuff that I have yet to move over onto the shelf, here was have a Saber (Fate/Stay Night gashapon figure) A Konata (Lucky Star) Gashapon, an Ashura (RG Veda) Clamp in 3D Land figure, and some of my accessories xD (Including a Limited Edition replica of the Raising Heart from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha! w00p w00p =D

I have a mission for you members of Pokemon Collectors! Take a picture of something cute/important/precious to you that's in your room. Something (or a number of things!) that tell a story. It doesn't have to include Pokemon ^^ I like looking at peoples rooms (because they're always cuter than mine and I adore cute things <DD) In this image I have a Red Neko glasses pouch which was a gift from a friend who is currently in Japan. Under that is my Mamegoma desktidy box, which I use as a piggy bank, I keep all my cut-off plush tags in here ^^ Next to that is, you guessed it! It's a picture of me and my beloved kiraras_lemon <3 The photograph is of her and I from out College 'Graduation Prom' I really like this picture, since we've only got a few 'couple' photos of us floating around as it is =< In the bottom right corner, you can see the head of my Jirachi phone charm that's on my phone xD

Almost done, omg XD

 I still have some things for sale over here, and in my main sales post here also. Although I've not added anything new recently, this is just incase people missed things. There were two people who commented saying they wanted the Cradily Kid and Pikachu in a Basket keychain items, I lost the post so if you read this could you people please let me know who you are? xD;; Thanks!

So a lot of people have been talking about Pokemon Gijinka cosplays, and there are a lot of people cosplaying Pokemon in the convention Kirara and I are going to in August. Kirara asked me to design some costumes for her, so I designed a Luxray for her which, is really similar to the Gijinka on Atwiki DX but I also designed an Espeon, and now recently a Skymin for her. She originally wanted to do Luxray and Espeon, but as she grew more fond of Skymin, she decided to do him instead of Espeon =3 

So based on all this I have two questions xD a) Would anyone want me to design them a Pokemon Gijinka? I'm willing to do aaany Pokemon, I'd probably ask for a few $/£, all I'd need to know is what you're willing to wear/what you won't wear and what kinda of 'look you want', or I'll just go off my own interpretation of the Pokemon (I.e. Espeon to me = Kinda snooty, but graceful and flowy, hence all the flowy bits on her design xD) b) I'm thinking of doing a Pokemon gijinka myself,  and I've narrowed it down to less than 10, but I can't decide.

So without me showing you all the designs (although pending the response to this I may make another post when I have all the designs xD) which one (two at the most) Pokemon would you like to see me cosplay? : Banette, Celebi, Duskull, Flygon, Jirachi, Luxio, Riolu, Sableye or Togekiss. (If in doubt use the Atwiki designs for a reference!) I know which ones I like the idea of most given the AtWiki designs but some of the desogns I would overhall/change a lot. So what do you guys think? ^^

Last thing! I've been meaning to do this for a while but I got side tracked, especially with moving back home and everything. I recently drew Door signs for shootthetanks and her boyfriend Onsentamago, two of my dearest friends ^o^ It was mostly to celebrate Onsen's birthday, but I thought Tanky deserved some love too ^^ I've had these on Commission for my friends for a few months, but given how the ones I drew for Tank and Onsen turned out, i thought I'd offer the commissions here too ^_^ So please -click here- if you're interested in my 'Door Sign' commissions =D I'll probably continue to tag the post on the end of all my posts until I get some work, since I'm uber poor right now xD Forgive me xD;;

And if you read all that... Sableye gives you a cookie x3 Ja ne!

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