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Mewtwo backpack... once more.

Finally got permission from an admin to make a auction post. Anyway I've had this super size backpack mewtwo for the longest time, I have some attachment to it HOWEVER I have no room for it anymore so I figure I should try to get rid of it.
So if you're interested just follow the cut
Ok rules DING DING:
-Auction is in canadian funds
-The Auction will end on August 1st, winner will be contacted at that time (make sure you allow pming on LJ for that).
-Winner has 1 week to pay with paypal after auction ends. If you choose to pay with money order or conceiled cash you must confirm the payment was sent within 1 week, if the conceiled cash/money order payment isn't received within a month the item will be given to the next highest bidder.
- Shipping fees will be 10 to the US, 15 to Canada (yeah I know, its weird it cost more to ship within my country) and will be one or the other it every other country (just ask).
-Bidding goes by every 50 cents (like you can bid 0.50, 1.00, 1.50, 2.00, etc...)
-bids are to be made on this post, please do not send PMs or e-mails with your bids since it will get confusing. 
-Remember to tell me how much you're bidding since you can bid over the minimal 50 cents. Also I will update at the bottom the bids as they go up to make it easier for you to know what you're up againsts.

So finally the item at hand

(hat not included xD)

This Mewtwo backpack is extremely rare and exceptionally hard to find by itself. It is in near perfect condition (just a bit dusty from age and has my name written on its tag lol).  He is about 1 foot tall, very soft and not very heavy. The back compartment isn't big enough for much but I'm sure you could fit some snacks or something there.
Let start the bidding at 15$ (or buy it now for 35$ with shipping)

Good luck and happy bidding :3

PS: I will have items remaining at my garage sale if anyone in interested.
Bids to date: friskavk  - 20$ 
junoluver- 16$

lawlzy- BOUGHT!
Tags: mewtwo
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