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More beach blasts and a teaser of updates to come...

Hello once again! As I mentioned in my last community post, I recently returned from a vacation on the beach (oh, and thanks to everyone for the vacation well-wishing--I'm sorry I couldn't respond to all comments!). I shared with you my Sun God tradition with a new Pokémon component, and honestly that was the only Pokémon element I expected to experience during my holiday. But to my great surprise and delight, there was more!

By day, I'm on the beach, but at night, one fun thing to do is cruise the boardwalk, 27 blocks of food, shops, games and prizes (but mostly t-shirts). I mainly go there to walk, look at women, and be disappointed by the lack of classic games in the arcades. I have never played a skill game in my life--the prizes never appealed to me, and, well, I lack skills. So I didn't pay them any mind, until a kid passed by with a Pikachu tucked under his arm...

My eyes widened and I nearly grabbed the kid to demand where he got that Pikachu, but I realized just soon enough that that wouldn't look too good in public. Backtracking, I made my way to the carnival games area. Fuzzy red bear... novelty basketball... a plaid Scooby-Doo... and I don't know what the hell that one thing was.

And then!

Pokémon! They're back, baby!

These are the Toy Factory line that origamigryphon posted about a while back. They were stocked at a few game stations, and they moved pretty quickly. I managed to get myself an Aipom:

There was a smaller one that I missed, and I missed a Squirtle as well. But even if they're a little less-than-amazing construction wise, they're still a nice collectible to have. It's not like there are a billion Aipom plush out there... hurray for obscure plush!

I also happened to find a nifty machine that made a coin shaped more like the koban my koban-less Meowth is accustomed to...

It's starting to get its own little collection of headgear!

I was even more shocked and delighted by an even more unexpected find. It's not Pokémon-related, but if you grew up on games, finding this on American shores should be quite a thrill. I worked like mad to get one... and persevered!

Well, that wraps up the Pokémon scene on the shore. Getting away from it all is fantastic, but I guess having some things follow you can be for the better!

Oh yeah, when I came home, I had a little bit of mail waiting for me...

This should be fun.
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