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Pokédoll mania!

Hi pkmncollectors! It's about that time again...


Just a small-ish one this time, but it's got some nice stuff! I hope you all find something you're looking for and enjoy!

If you don't like my prices, please let me know what you're willing to pay. I'm happy to try and barter within reason, especially because I'm trying to afford some things I really really want right now. :)

* I take Paypal for all orders, and concealed cash in some situations. (I will only allow concealed cash for orders of $10 or more not including shipping.) I prefer NOT to take E-checks.

* I may take up to a week and a half to ship. I generally ship within two or three days. Just keep in mind that I am a college student and a wildlife rehabilitator and it sometimes takes me a while to get to the post office, as I do not drive yet and have a busy schedule. I am very reliable with shipping things out, however, and I have many satisfied customers. If you are in a hurry to get your item, let me know and I can rush to ship it. :)

* I ship internationally! Let me know if you're somewhere else other than the US. International shipping generally costs a few dollars more than domestic shipping.

* I will hold items for two days IF AND ONLY IF you have bought from me previously and it was a positive experience. All others must pay within twenty-four hours or your hold on the item expires. I may budge from this in rare circumstances, but I have had a lot of problems with people backing out of things or taking forever to pay. I'm sorry to be so strict about this.

* Please contact me here or at my e-mail address if you have any problems with your order. My e-mail is phoenixfreedom AT yahoo.com, and I check it compulsively.

* BE SURE TO WRITE EVERYTHING YOU ARE GETTING AND YOUR USERNAME IN THE PAYPAL MEMO. This is how I package things and it gets confusing if you don't do this!

Unless otherwise noted, these plush do not have their hang tags, but do have their tush tags.


HUUUUGE Snuggly Elekid pillow! Quite rare, 31" tall, dwarfs all my other plush! Has one small stain on the back (see picture). Not terribly noticeable, and I'll try to get the stain out with my stain remover pen. Otherwise in perfect condition. -- $27 + shipping

Togepi Pokédoll -- $24 (I am planning on keeping him if he doesn't sell, hence the price.)
Espeon Pokédoll -- $33 (Hardest to find of all eon Pokédolls! Not a single one on Ebay right now outside of expensive lots.)

Swampert Pokédoll -- $37 (This guy is seriously rare! Currently on Ebay for $65-70)

Chikorita Pokédoll-- $17
Jigglypuff Pokédoll -- $17

Corsola Pokédoll -- $17
Skitty Pokédoll -- $17 (Has a few tiny dirt marks on face, but they should be able to be washed off very very easily.)

12" Torchic x2 -- $8 each
Electronic Pikachu (Doesn't talk any more) -- $6.50 each

Mantyke Pokédoll -- $12
Manaphy Jakks x 2 -- $3.75 each
Pikachu Jakks -- $3.75

WTF is this thing? -- $2
Jigglypuff Jakks -- $3.75
Dratini KFC plush -- $5.50 (Has a few tiny dirt marks on face, but they should be able to be washed off very very easily.)

Little Spheal! -- $4.50

Everything will be shipped on Thursday, so act fast! I will not take concealed cash or eChecks this time because I'll be on vacation starting Sunday and I don't want you to have to wait for me to return to ship your stuff out.

Let me know if you have any questions or offers!
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