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kef has a tale of... DRAMA!

All right guys! I have some good news... and some bad news. Yeah.

Good news first!

Everybody's orders from my sales post and certain other small group auctions will have their items shipped by tomorrow! Yay!

Bad news is only semi-bad, but important because it involves a group auction:

The HUGE lottery lot (including plush bags, neck backs, Giratina figure, etc) shipping-to-America invoice came, I will just let you know that I saw it and nearly burst into tears because it was too much freakin' money!! Over $150 dollars, guys, and that's only with a few other items (such as one plushie and some kids) added on. Apparently the package weighs TWENTY-SIX pounds! Anyway, after frantically mailing the CS shop they offered more than half lower for slower shipping...

So that's where my post comes in. Everybody who paid for their lotto items. They are COMING! Coming. But it will be longer than expected, unless somebody wants to wire me $160 dollars for the cost of EMS shipping. *UM NO*

Also: I would like to add that CS was amazingly helpful and responsive about this and sent me lots of messages in clear English. This was all sorted out within a few hours, and it was wonderful to have such clear customer service. Big resounding hell yeah for those guys.

UPDATE: ...Looks like it is TOO BIG! to ship Surface Mail. We will have to break it up. This may actually be good news for the lotto winners... we'll see. XD
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